February 3, 2023

Film director Ken Loach has attacked the BBC for his “absolutely shameless role” in what he describes as “the destruction of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership” of the Labor Party.

In an interview with Equal Times, Loach said the BBC “played a major role” in the former Labor leader’s departure and that Corbyn’s “entire political project, which nearly became government three years ago, has been wiped out of public discourse ..”

Loach agreed that Corbyn’s tenure as leader, which ended in 2020 following Labour’s defeat in the 2019 general election, had been “delegitimated”. He said: “They have rewritten history so that it no longer exists. It’s like the picture of Trotsky that Stalin cut out. The man does not exist in history. Jeremy Corbyn no longer exists in history.”

Loach also took aim at the current leadership of the Labor Party, saying: “The manipulation of the rules and the outright aggression is unbelievable. It should be unbelievable: the manipulation of rules against the left, the imposition of candidates, expulsions and the fact that at least 200,000 people as far as we know – and probably more – have joined the Labor Party under [Keir] star. It’s not even a news story! If we ever needed a clear example of political manipulation by the broadcasters, here it is.”

Loach said in 2021 he was forced out of the Labor Party for ‘not denying'[ing] those who have already been expelled”. He had left the Labor Party earlier in the 1990s, reportedly out of distaste for Tony Blair, and rejoined Corbyn’s election as leader. He stood for the Respect party in the 2004 European Parliament elections and helped launch Left Unity in 2013.

Loach said The Guardian was a “co-perpetrator” in its coverage of Corbyn alongside the BBC. “As part of the liberal media, if those two led the silence on this extraordinary story, then of course the right-wing press will make the most of it,” he said.

While many of his feature films, including I, Daniel Blake and Sorry We Missed You, have received funding from the BBC, Loach has criticized the organization in the past, saying in 2016 that the news operation was “manipulative and deeply political”. described a 2019 Panorama investigation into anti-Semitism in the Labor Party as “probably the most disgusting program I have ever seen on the BBC. It brought out the horror of racism in the most horrific propagandistic way, with crude journalism, and it bought the propaganda from people who were intent on destroying Corbyn. The BBC rejected Labour’s complaints about the Panorama inquiry and Ofcom said it found it “impartial”.

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