February 3, 2023

In the wake of a global pandemic, Business of Fashion describes the state of fashion in 2023 as “unpredictable and challenging”. Luxury companies are looking for solutions to reduce buyer appointments and retail traffic. Costs have risen too high and there is still economic uncertainty. For example, the Novus Forum unites luxury companies to promote sustainable growth for high-end brands.

From February 19-20, 2023, the Novus Forum will host a boutique fair where various retailers will meet international luxury designers. Exhibitors’ collections range from ready-to-wear to cutting-edge contemporary, to evening wear and accessories. Designers travel from afar to access the niche and fast-moving American luxury market. International sensibilities from the Middle East, Canada, South East Asia and South America will be represented.

What sets Novus apart from any other showcase is its impeccable presentation, low cost of entry, unparalleled craftsmanship and high price. This is the luxury marketplace. But instead of competing, brands connect, share and encourage each other’s success. At The Novus Forum, the international fashion community is strengthened and lifelong connections are made.

After traveling all over the country – some from South America, the Middle East, Canada – buyers arrive in Novus, their destination of choice. These specialty boutique, department store and e-commerce shoppers love the convenience of a curated selection of brands that would otherwise be difficult to access. In New York City, time is a luxury, but the Novus Forum offers a concise shopping experience that meets the high-speed demands of the market.

Image credit: via The Novus Forum

Developments in wholesale and physical retail are necessary for the recovery of fashion in 2023. Brands must establish new distribution channels and diversify their customer base. In addition to the two-day fair, Novus is organizing a special evening soiree on February 19, 2023 called Novus Chiffonier. During this dress-up night, social media influencers are invited to try on collections and produce multimedia content for a viral audience. Analytics have shown a return of over 5 million online views from influencers, press and NYFW attendees.

To meet the growing challenges in the industry, luxury companies unite to increase visibility and expand sales networks at The Novus Forum.

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