February 1, 2023

Avatar: The Way of Water, the highly anticipated sequel to 2009’s Avatar, premiered Tuesday night in London. While we’ll have to wait a bit longer to read official reviews, attendees shared their reactions on social media and the initial response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Josh Horowitz of MTV News said that writer-director James Cameron “is once again showing filmmakers how it’s done.” He went on to say that the sequel is “emotional, visceral, and as big as movies get.”

Jake Hamilton, meanwhile, said The Way of Water is a big improvement over the first movie in terms of visuals, storytelling, and performances. “The sequel left my jaw on the floor for the entire run,” said Hamilton. “James Cameron is the GOD of sequels.”

Mike Ryan of Uproxx said The Way of Water is “overwhelming”, so much so that the film’s spectacle could distract some viewers. “Sometimes I missed plot points because I was staring at a Pandora fish,” Ryan said.

Erik Davis of Fandango said that The Way of Water is “viscerally breathtaking, visceral and incredibly captivating”. Davis added, “The story, the spectacle, the spirituality, the beauty – this is moviemaking and storytelling at its best.”

Collider’s Perri Nemiroff said the sequel is “pretty incredible”.

“I was confident that James Cameron would raise the bar with the effects, but these images are stunning. One stunning frame after another. But what I’ve dug the most is how the engineering feats always feel in the service of character and world-building,” said Nemiroff.

Go to Twitter to see some social media reactions to The Way of the Water. The film will premiere on December 16 and is expected to be a blockbuster.

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