February 3, 2023

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Bitsgap has completed the major redesign of its three most successful crypto trading bots ahead of the Christmas sale

Tallinn, Estonia – Bitsgap, one of the largest crypto aggregators, has completed the redesign of its main crypto trading bots in time for the holiday season and is offering all annual plans at a discounted price.

Cryptocurrency notwithstanding, the Bitsgap team has had a busy few months, redesigning its most successful bots and preparing for the last big sale this year.

“For us this time was full of intensive work. We’ve put a lot of effort into adding extra layers of security for our customers and developing new great features. When we started redesigning our bots, we had two simple goals: make them easier to start with and increase their profitability,” said Max Kalmykov, CEO of Bitsgap.

“We are proud and happy to announce that we have achieved these goals! All bots can now start with highly successful pre-set strategies in just a few clicks or be completely customised. Crypto trading is finally becoming more accessible!”

Bots that have been redesigned include the DCA, GRID, and BTD (Buy the Dip). All three are indispensable in the down market as they have pre-set strategies that allow traders to win in the downturn.

The Bitsgap’s DCA Bot in particular has undergone a major overhaul. It now has a backtesting feature, which allows traders to predict the bot’s performance based on historical data and a newly introduced short strategy.

In addition, the DCA bot now allows money makers to use the Shorting strategy i.e. to earn more coins as their price falls – an invaluable tool in the bear market!

The GRID Bot has also been revamped and now has a more intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows traders to launch the bot with just three clicks.

The Buy the Dip strategy, a favorite of Bitcoiners, is now a standalone BTD bot. The mechanics fit perfectly with the current market: buy coins when the price drops and sell them later when the price rises.


“All upgraded bots are in production and fully usable by all Bitsgap traders,” continues Max Kalmykov.

“Moreover, during the Christmas sale, traders can purchase or extend their annual subscription with a 30% discount. This is a fantastic savings opportunity and the only one where you can save now to earn more from trading in the future.”

About Bitsgap

Founded in Estonia in 2016 with the noble goal of making cryptocurrency trading across multiple exchanges more accessible and efficient, Bitsgap has grown to be one of the largest crypto aggregators with over 15 connected exchanges, over 100 team members and a large community of over than 500,000 merchants.

Bitsgap’s flagship product is a cloud-based, automated crypto trading platform that provides users with a complete suite of manual and automated trading tools, such as smart orders, trading bots, and risk and portfolio management. Bitsgap is especially proud of its trading bots – DCA and GRID – which have shown fantastic returns in the crypto market and have attracted a large following with nearly 4 million bots launched and total trading volumes exceeding $300 billion by 2022.

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