February 1, 2023

A woman adjusts the thermostat of a gas-fired radiator.

The government this week will help poorer households heat their homes as temperatures drop (Photo: Getty)

Low-income households receive a one-off benefit from the government to keep their homes warm.

Poorer people living in areas where the average temperature for seven consecutive days has been recorded or is expected to be freezing or lower will be paid £25.

Properties in the North West, including in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, in parts of the South West such as near Exeter, and in Nottingham in the East Midlands are eligible.

Parts of Powys in east-central Wales, Oxfordshire and Herefordshire are also eligible for payments.

It benefits people who are entitled to pension credit, income support, means-tested jobseeker’s allowance, means-tested employment and support allowance, universal credit and mortgage interest support.

The money must be in bank accounts within 14 days after the payments are activated.

UK Weather Winter Weather Photo: anon

The payment should appear in people’s bank accounts 14 days after it is activated

UK Weather Frosty park in Stanford-le-Hope Essex Photo: Myles Goode

The payments are triggered when the forecast is 0°C or lower for seven consecutive days (Photo: Myles Goode)

Weather warning for Friday 9 December

Thursday’s yellow weather warning for snow and ice in northern Scotland was extended (Photo: Metro.co.uk)

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In Scotland, people on benefits or low incomes may be eligible for an annual payment of £50 for heating in winter, but this is done regardless of the cold temperatures.

The Met Office warned on Thursday that temperatures in rural parts of the UK could ‘drop to minus 10°C’.

A level 3 cold weather warning will cover England until Monday, warning motorists of winter showers that are creating dangerous icy patches on the roads.

Thursday’s yellow weather warning for snow and ice in northern Scotland has also been extended until noon on Sunday.

Yellow ice warnings in coastal and northern England and parts of Wales and Northern Ireland have also been issued for Friday.

Icy conditions in the coast of England and parts of Northern Ireland and Wales are expected to last into Saturday.

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