January 26, 2023

A government adviser appears to have resigned because of Suella Braverman, who says she and the Secretary of the Interior are on “completely different planets” when it comes to women’s rights.

Nimco Ali began advising the government on tackling violence against women and girls in 2020 after being appointed by then Home Secretary Priti Patel.

But speaking on Times Radio on Friday, she lashed out at the current head of the Home Office, saying she “wouldn’t feel comfortable” continuing to work alongside her.

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When asked if she would stay at her post despite disagreements with Ms Braverman, she said: “No. I am committed to ending violence against women and girls, and I think there are many opportunities to continue that.”

“I’m just saying that Suella and I are on completely different planets when it comes to women’s and girls’ rights, and also the way we talk about ethnic minorities, and especially people like me who come from a refugee background. “

Ms Ali, the director of women’s organization The Five Foundation and a prominent campaigner against female genital mutilation, said there were some “incredible” officials and ministers working to tackle violence against women and women. girls.

But she added: “I think the fair conclusion is that I wouldn’t be comfortable.

“I think I can definitely say I wouldn’t feel comfortable serving under Suella or basically saying she’s someone we probably share the same feminist ideals with.”

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman walks outside 10 Downing Street in London, Britain on November 1, 2022. REUTERS/Hannah McKay
The appointment of Suella Braverman by Rishi Sunak caused controversy.

However, Sky News understands that Ms Braverman and Ms Ali had never met and that her role was due to end in two weeks.

A source close to Ms Braverman told Sky News: “The Home Secretary is committed to making our streets and homes safer for women and girls. That is why she has made violence against women and girls one of her top priorities at the Ministry of the Interior and today supported a new law against public sexual harassment.

“She has already visited a women’s shelter to spend time with the women and hear their stories and experiences.

“She will continue to focus on these policies and the rights of women and girls to live safely in our country.”

But Yvette Cooper, Labour’s shadow home secretary, called Ms Ali’s decision to quit “damnation” for Ms Braverman.

“She has been sacked by one prime minister, sidelined by another, criticized by colleagues and now a key independent adviser on violence against women and girls who makes it clear she cannot work with her,” she said.

“Those around her clearly don’t think she’s capable of doing the job. It shows how weak Rishi Sunak was to appoint her. More chaos at the heart of this Tory government.”

Controversial deal

Mrs. Braverman was first appointed as Secretary of the Interior by Liz Truss in her short tenure, but was fired for a security breach that violated ministerial code.

She was controversially reappointed to Rishi Sunak’s cabinet six days laterwith Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer accusing him of making a “grubby deal” with her to secure her support in the Conservative leadership race to replace Mrs Truss.

But Mr. Sunak stands by his decisionsaying she had apologized and was welcome back in the cabinet.

Ms Braverman has also received criticism for her language, especially about immigrationwhere she described asylum seekers crossing the Channel in small boats as “an invasion”.

Sky News has contacted Ms Ali and the Home Office for comment.

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