February 4, 2023

Margaret Peacock was convicted of allowing her dog to attack a visitor in her home (Picture: PA)

Margaret Peacock was convicted of allowing her dog to attack a visitor in her home (Picture: PA)

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A Crufts-winning dog breeder could end up behind bars after her dog mauled a visitor and left her with ‘significant’ blood loss.

Margaret Peacock, 69, was convicted by a jury of being in charge of Mako – her Belgian Malinois – who got dangerously out of control and bit a visitor in her home.

Natasha Turner visited Mrs Turner at her home in Farnborough, Hampshire, in February last year to do some odd jobs and to visit her own dog, Bobo, who was staying there when the attack happened.

Sian Beaven, prosecutor, told the Salisbury Crown Court trial that Ms Turner said she had visited Peacock to move the defendant’s bed to another room – so that it would be closer to a wood-burning stove due to the cold.

Describing the incident, she said: ‘It happened very quickly, when we realized things were going wrong I was scared because I didn’t think I was going to get the dog between us.

“It was like someone had a knife, stuck it in your leg and ripped it through with a knife, that’s the only way I can describe it.

‘I was screaming. I cried my eyes out. It was really bad.’

Margaret Peacock outside Salisbury Crown Court, Wiltshire, where she is accused of failing to control her Belgian Malinois dog, which repeatedly bit a visitor and caused her injuries to be treated in hospital.  Mrs Peacock, 69, who has previously won prizes at Crufts, is accused of leading the dog named Mako who got dangerously out of control and injured Natasha Turner.  See PA story COURTS Dog.  Photo credit should read: Ben Mitchell/PA Wire

Margaret Peacock outside Salisbury Crown Court (Photo: PA)

Pictured: Dog attack victim, Natasha Turner.  An award-winning dog breeder accused of covering up her pet while brutally mauling her boyfriend told a court that the victim was bitten by a mystery dog.  Margaret Peacock, whose dog Mako reportedly bit Natasha Turner with such ferocity that she suffered permanent nerve damage, claims a stray dog ​​was in fact responsible.  The 69-year-old Crufts winner is also accused of wanting to buy Miss Turner's silence by showering her with gifts.  But Peacock insisted that Miss Turner was actually

Natasha Turner was attacked by Mrs Peacock’s dog (Photo: Will Dax/Solent News)

She was left with a badly damaged leg after the dog mauled her (Photo: Solent News & Photo Agency)

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Ms Turner said Peacock helped her get the dog off but was bitten herself in the process before the defendant managed to put the dog back behind the fence where it was normally kept.

She said Peacock then asked her not to contact police because she feared the dog would be put down and also bought her gifts in an attempt to dissuade her from reporting the incident.

The defendant denied that Mako carried out the attack and told the court that Ms. Turner arrived injured at her front door after being attacked by another unidentified dog elsewhere.

Judge Richard Parkes KC adjourned the case for sentencing on February 3, 2023.

He released Peacock on bail until then and ordered that the Probation Service prepare a report on her.

He told her, “I will bail you out. Please don’t assume that I’m going to bail you out that there isn’t a very real risk of a prison sentence.’

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