January 25, 2023

Through Sean Jones: Jose Benavidez Sr predicts his son David Benavidez will end Caleb ‘Sweethands’ Plant’s career when they fight in their WBC super middleweight title eliminator bout in Las Vegas in early March.

Jose Sr is super excited about his son, former two-time WBC 168-lb champion Benavidez (26-0, 23 KOs), finally getting a chance to beat Plant (22-1, 13 KOs) to make him shut up.

The idea behind the World Boxing Council-ordered Benavidez vs. Plant 168-lb title eliminator is that the winner gets a title shot against undisputed champion Canelo Alvarez.

That said, Jose Sr. says. that he doesn’t see that fight happening for David because Canelo knows he will lose to the younger 25 year old Benavidez so he doesn’t take the fight. Jose Sr understands Canelo and doesn’t hold it against him.

He is still happy for his son Benavidez to get the chance to fight Plant because he wants him to destroy the former IBF super middleweight champion for the things he said in the past.

“Plant, we hope he doesn’t back down. He is always looking for more excuses and a way out,” Jose Benavidez Sr told Fighthype about him hoping Caleb Plant doesn’t pull out his fight with David Benavidez before early March.

“He’s already signed the contract. I pray to God and cross my fingers that he shows up on the day of the fight because David is going to kick him, man.”

Given the way Plant fell apart against Canelo last year when he was stopped in the 11th round, chances are he will also lose to Benavidez.

In Plant’s recent fight against Anthony Dirrell, he ran around the ring for the entire fight, resulting in recklessness on Dirrell’s part. Dirrell got sloppy in the ninth and opened up for a left hook from Plant that knocked him out.

If Benavidez gets similarly frustrated and starts chasing Plant around the ring, he could be caught. As such, it would be wise for Benavidez to remain patient and make sure he doesn’t overreach as Plant has a good left hook.

“We’re super excited about that fight,” Jose Sr. said. “We’ve been trying to get that fight for five years. This is more personal for both of us. I’m so excited and he has motivated us so much to train for this fight.

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“It’s going to be such a great fight. Nothing to take away from this guy. Caleb Plant is a good fighter. He fought Canelo. He fought good fighters and had good footwork.

“It will be a bit difficult at first, but we are going to kick him**. We’re going to catch him and end his career,” said Benavidez Sr. ”

“That little prankster starts posting bullshit too,” Jose Sr. said of Jermall Charlo, who said he’s the winner of Plant vs. Benavidez wants. ‘I’m actually happy. I hope he can keep his word. He says he’s going to fight the winner of Canelo and [Dmitry Bivol]. That’s another fight people want to see.

Benavidez Sr hopes Jermall Charlo is serious

“Another great fighter, and I hope he keeps his word,” said Benavidez Sr of Jermall Charlo being the winner of Plant vs. Benavidez wanted to fight. “We are waiting for that. That’s extra motivation for us to win that fight against Caleb Plant. Those are the fights we’ve been looking for.

Hopefully I get the winnerJermall Charlo told Fight Hub TV about his desire to fight the Caleb Plant winner against David Benavidez.

“I am super excited. That’s another guy we wanted to fight,” Jose Sr. said of Demetrius Andrade, who now fights for PBC. “I like him.

“He’s a very slippery fighter, a very clumsy fighter who can give anyone trouble, but he’s in the mix. We hope to fight all these guys. He is one of the fighters that we may also face,” said Benavidez Sr.

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