February 3, 2023

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Signature symbols of business building and entrepreneurship are built on a set of rules, parameters, and functions that rely on established experience over time.

What if I told you that there is a world without borders, built on a set of constructs, not rules? You would no doubt think that a world with an endless horizon line might not be so restful.

When you are a famous leader (emphasis on thinking) like Deepak Chopra, you cross the chasm without worrying about what lies beneath your feet. Chopra and his partner Poonacha Machaiah, the real Indiana Jones crossing a bridge, welcome us all into our own home through their Web3 conscious platform, Seva.Love (meaning service and love in action).

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Let’s stretch the horizon back two decades before Machaiah became the CEO of the Chopra Foundation and before Chopra himself became an author of more than 90 books translated into nearly 50 languages.

Chopra and Machaiah met through a mutual friend and famous filmmaker from Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Shekhar Kapur. At this meeting, Machaiah and Chopra’s technological background came together.

“I met Deepak and quickly asked him about his vision. So many people yearned to understand the vision of this icon. He replied by saying that he intends to reach one billion people for a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy and more joyful world. My answer was, sign me up!” shares Machaja.

Chopra wasn’t pitching Machaiah in the classic corporate building sense, but he had started a path for the College of William and Mary grad that had been lurking beneath the surface for some time. “That conversation started our journey to wellness together. I wake up every day and ask myself, ‘Poonacha, what are you going to do to ensure a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy and joyful world?’

Machaiah’s computer science and engineering background has proved complementary to the globally renowned leader of the meditation revolution. He was part of the Motorola team that innovated mobile phone technology, so new adventures were part of his DNA. “Deepak focuses on our collective efforts through the lens of wellness and awareness, and I look at our work through technology and the ability [technology] access for people must democratize.”

Chopra and Machaiah believe the world is at a crossroads in history and the world of Web3, or as they like to say, the multiverse has the potential to change the course of personal and professional experience.

Seva.Love has bundled a first consumer offering that aims to reach people beyond the standard Web3 fare. A combination of apps and metaverse meditation experiences is punctuated by the Chopraverse opening the digital door to Chopra’s “House of Enlightenment”, a Roblox offering under the Choprakids umbrella and a curated library of educational resources created by the Chopra Foundation.

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The app gabl (Give. Ask. Borrow. Love.) is a symbol of leadership that understands that business is about walking, not running. The app integrates documented experiences of good deeds in the physical world through social technology, making user behavior a reflection of the Seva.Love world.

Machaiah sees an opportunity to lean into the metaverse as a therapeutic tool. Chopra and his endlessly engaging partner, Machaiah, are perhaps the best tandem for thinking beyond Web3 gaming conventions. They led the way in online meditation offerings, beating out Calm and Headspace. Having Oprah as a contributor to the 21-Day Meditation Challenge with Chopra and the foundation didn’t hurt either.

“Imagine integrating an experience that helps you breathe, meditate. That’s an experience that can lead to kindness. I believe the metaverse will be where digital therapies come into play. And that’s why why Deepak and I are so excited about Seva.Love.”

Seva.Love’s story is just evolving, and Chopra’s roots could explain his enthusiasm for this phase of the endeavor.

“My mother was one of the most interesting storytellers,” says Chopra. “When my little brother and I were young, she entertained us with stories. But she stopped halfway through her story. She left a cliffhanger for each of us to finish the next morning. We had to share our own conclusions and it covers all aspects , including the villain, the good guys and the bad guys.”

The unknown excites the global icon and calls those first storytelling sessions as trigger points for his imagination. Chopra and Machaiah seem to have written a script that contains a vivid series of imaginative experiences where we all get to play in the scene. A welcome opportunity to focus on personal and professional experiences.

Coming home after a long day at the office has been forever and creatively portrayed by Hollywood authors as an activity of procrastination in the face of the trials and tribulations of the cold, dark, unforgiving world of the adult experience. The front door closes, sealing off the subject from the relentless pressures of life.

That physical door transforms through Chopra’s guidance and Machaiah’s technology into a portal without locks and peepholes to reveal a world ruled by self-control, a sense of belonging and without external edicts.

The neighborhood is open. Chopra and Machaiah have laid out the welcome mat. Now, they believe, the time has come to hand over the keys to a new generation of digital users ready to go, where life and place collide to create wonderful new and immersive adventures.

The keys are yours, and Deepak Chopra and Poonacha Machaiah shine as your hosts.

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