February 4, 2023

Oakywood, a small Polish brand founded by woodworker Mateusz Haberny, wants to reinvent comfort in the workplace. Following a rebrand, Oakywood introduces its MagSafe Collection, a set of wooden desk and office accessories designed to fit within the Apple ecosystem, including an iPhone Stand, an Apple Watch Stand, an iPhone Desk Shelf Mount and an iPhone Wall Mount. The new line accommodates classic and standing desks and offers universal office solutions for the modern professional.

The revival of the Japandi style appeals to today’s modern workforce as many professionals adapt to hybrid and remote setups. Japandi style combines the sleek modernism of Scandinavian design with minimalistic Japanese aesthetics and the ancient philosophy of Kanso. The design concept prioritises order and simplicity and aims to maintain the inner zen of your home. The MagSafe collection exudes this design ethos by combining high-quality wood and semi-matt black aluminum to create minimalistic and ergonomic office accessories that increase your productivity wherever you are. The range revolutionizes the comfort of using Apple products and ensures your technology is always charged for an uninterrupted workflow throughout the day.

Over 12 months of testing and prototyping, the new line offers contemporary work solutions that optimize the functionality of your spaces while providing a streamlined organizational system via MagSafe, meaning individual units interlock to consolidate your day-to-day setups. It is especially useful for those who usually lose their office supplies, chargers, etc., and even more attractive for minimalist lifestyles and professionals looking for unnecessary clutter in the home.

Oakywood has also launched its 3D Configurator as an extension of the MagSafe line. The interactive tool allows consumers to build 3D mockups of their ideal workspace, tailored to their specific needs and productivity habits.

Build your dream workspace by visiting Oakywood’s website where you can test the real-time 3D configurator. See the collection in action in the lookbook above.

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