January 27, 2023

Since September, a new group of young talents has been working at the headquarters and logistics centers of the Spanish fashion multinational Desigual, which has been committed for several years to including recent graduates in its team through the so-called Young Talents program.

With the program, Desigual aims to promote national talent from Spain by collaborating with Spanish universities. It is open to students studying at universities in Spain.

During a year of paid training, the selected Spanish individuals participate in a process that rewards their originality and creativity, allowing them to learn about the various business departments, from product design to logistics and operations, as well as marketing and human resources. sources.

Once the program is over, the company evaluates the candidates’ performance with the intention of retaining them in the workforce indefinitely.

FashionUnited spoke with Patricia Álvarez, Global Talent & People Development Manager at Desigual, who explained the program in detail.

What exactly does the initiative consist of and what are its geographical boundaries?

It is a training and talent attraction program that allows us to promote young, talented recent graduates from Spain by working at Desigual for 12 months to perfect their knowledge of one of the company’s departments of choice.

We launched an open call for the program so that those who have just completed their master’s or postgraduate degrees can gain professional experience by working in a fashion company while bringing their vision and initiative to the table.

In this sense, we believe that it is not only a positive experience for the candidates, but also for Desigual. This initiative is part of our Open Desigual strategy, where collaboration is our most important and differentiating tool.

Through programs such as Young Talent, Desigual becomes the meeting point for the best creatives, the most relevant trends and the diversity with which to reach different target groups.

This program is currently only being developed in Spain and for Desigual’s headquarters in Barcelona. While candidates can be of any nationality, they must of course come from one of the Spanish universities we work with, and we pay special attention to Barcelona.

You told us that you are happy to apply to work in various areas within the company. What are the most sought-after features among the participants? And which functions are currently most in demand at Desigual?

The Young Talent Program offers the opportunity to bring on newly graduated talent into legal and finance, operations and logistics, product, communications and digital marketing, human resources and sales departments.

We have received a total of over 800 applications for the program and all areas have generated interest, but it is the Product and Communications Department that has generated the most student interest.

For the program, we are looking for talent, creativity and new ideas, and these qualities can be applied to operations, human resources or marketing.

Since the applications you receive come from a variety of academic disciplines, how do you decide how many people to select from each discipline?

To provide quality mentoring and follow-up to each participant, we have established a set of program guidelines to select a small pool of candidates overall based on our capacity, workload, and the needs of each department. The candidates must go through a multi-stage process where both the People team and the department manager evaluate their profile.

Image: Fashion graduate Hannamariam Gonzalez’s winning design in the 2021 edition of the program.

On average, what percentage of those accepted to participate in the Young Talent Program end up with the company each year?

Until this year, the program was slightly different and focused on product areas, so we cannot state a percentage. Still, the company’s goal is to attract and retain the best talent, so at the end of the 12-month program and depending on the needs of each department, our intention is that some of the participants will be able to strengthen.

In previous editions, this project took the form of a competition. Last year, Desigual put up for sale a unisex sweatshirt designed by student Hannamariam Gonzalez from London’s Central Saint Martins University of Art, who was a standout among the young talents of her edition.

We see a general lack of specialized personnel in the textile sector. Do you think that the talents of certain educational institutions are better prepared than others? What would these settings be?

At Desigual, we review all the applications we receive, regardless of the institution the students come from, as we are looking for diverse profiles that align with our company values. With the best talent, we can continue to build a better Desigual.

We are fortunate to have the highest level universities and training centers in the city and in the rest of Spain and we believe that in all of these universities we can find extraordinary, motivated people with an innovative spirit. What we need to do from the industry is to promote more projects like this, where students can supplement their theoretical training and at the same time bring their new vision to the companies.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.ES. Translation and editing from English into Spanish: Veerle Versteeg.

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