January 27, 2023

My biggest fear about Dragon Age: Absolution from Netflix was that it’s the big debut of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf‘s new institution in Tevinter. When I finally get to play Deadwolf, I want to discover the surprises for myself, not recognize them as revelations already wrung out for a Netflix spin-off. My fears were all for naught, as it turns out Absolution is in such a damn hurry to tell its own story that it doesn’t have time to spoil anything else.

Dragon Age: Absolution revolves around a cobbled together group of thieves hired by the Inquisition – enjoy your 10 second Cassandra and background Leliana cameo here as it’s the only one you’ll get – to get a magical artifact called the Circulum Infinitus to steal. It is held by the Tevinter Chantry and a magister eager to use it. The Circulum Infinitus is powered by blood magic, you see, which is reason enough to send these otherwise disposable characters on a heist to grab it.

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