January 27, 2023

There’s always some weird piece of technology floating around with the name of a major brand that just makes you say, “Huh?” For some reason, wearables dominate this market. They are often promising, but look pretty ridiculous. I’m talking about things like the Google Glass – augmented reality goggles that came out long before their time – or Razer’s RGB Zephyr facemask (opens in new tab), which I still kinda want. The things that generally end up in articles about hardware purchases become regrets (opens in new tab)or the way we live in the future is not quite as we imagined (opens in new tab).

Dyson’s Zone, which was spotted pre-release in March, is the tech I’m putting forward as 2022’s best example of “huh?” This set of fairly high-end looking headphones is indeed made by the kings of vacuum cleaners, Dyson. Being old I can say their vacuum cleaners are good but I wonder if these headphones will suck as much.

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