January 27, 2023

East Enders spoilers follow.

On tonight’s (December 23) episode of East Endersviewers finally got to see the aftermath of Mick Carter and Janine Butcher’s wedding – and it looks like Janine is finally getting caught.

After a day of hesitation on Mick’s part, and after Shirley Carter’s attempts to try and dissuade the two from getting married, Mick and Janine finally took their vows and married each other in the BBC soap opera.

As fans will recall, Mick’s ex-wife Linda (Kellie Bright) threatened Janine because of the strong bond she and Mick still share. Consequently, Janine manipulated everyone in Albert Square into believing that Linda caused the car accident they were in in June.

Janine Butcher, Eastenders

BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

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Since Linda experienced amnesia as a result of the crash, she believes she was behind the wheel drunk and caused the accident, unaware that Janine had anything to do with it. Linda also lost custody of her daughter due to Janine’s schemes.

On tonight’s episode, Shirley tries to stop Mick and Janine’s wedding by hoping to reveal Janine’s “secret lover” named “Steve.” However, it turns out that he simply sold a pub to Janine so that she and Mick can start a new life together.

Seeing how Shirley was essentially trying to ruin Mick and Janine’s wedding, Mick tells his mother off.

“I get it: you hated her from the start. You see things that are not there. It’s all in your nut,” he tells her. “So what you’re going to do is you go over the road. You stay with Linda until me and my wife leave the victim.”

aim in eastenders


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Later, when Shirley asks Scarlett if she knew about the pub and if that was the picture she hid earlier, Scarlett lies and says yes.

But now it seems that Janine’s lies will bite her, as Shirley discovers Scarlett’s diary, where she finds a picture of Frankie. Looking closer, she sees Janine throwing something in the trash in the background, which may be the thing that exposes Janine’s web of manipulation and lies.

But what happens now? Will Janine’s lies finally catch up with her? There’s only one way to find out.

East Enders airs Monday – Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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