January 27, 2023

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East Enders spoilers follow.

East EndersKat Slater will have to make two big confessions on Christmas Day.

Kat will be cornered when Phil questions her about his missing money during their festivities.

Phil returned to Walford earlier this week after being gone since October.

In his absence, Kat has grown closer to her ex-husband Alfie, and they even shared a kiss after the pantomime they both starred in.

Alfie is also partly responsible for Phil’s missing £30,000, as he was held at gunpoint when a prank involving his love rival went horribly wrong.

When Phil realizes he’s run out of money, he immediately demands answers from Kat.

Alfie comes to Kat’s aid, but only makes the situation worse when he admits it was his fault they got robbed.

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BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

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This alerts Phil to the fact that Alfie was living in his house, and Kat has to admit that he was there for a month while Phil was away.

Even worse, Kat is forced to confess that she and Alfie also kissed.

Phil is furious about Kat’s bombshell and demands she make her choice: him or Alfie. What will Kat do?

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BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Shane Richie, who plays Alfie, reviewed the story and said, “There’s a danger people will say, ‘Alfie, give it up now. It’s just desperate!’ but that’s Alfie.

“He loves Kat so much he just thinks there’s a glimmer of hope, and he’s desperate. He desperately wants her to realize she’s still the love of his life.”

East Enders airs Monday-Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One. The show is also streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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