January 27, 2023

East Enders spoilers follow.

Phil Mitchell and Keanu Taylor are revealed to be teaming up in East Enders.

The former foes seemed destined for a deadly confrontation after Keanu returned last week promising to help Phil’s nemesis DCI Keeble bring down the Mitchell crime family.

Thursday’s (December 22) episode began with Kat and Phil arguing about their relationship and what they were going to do about Keanu’s return to Walford.

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As Kat pressed Phil for answers, all he said was, “Someone’s getting an early Christmas present.”

Phil ventured into the plaza where Ben suggested we finish off Keanu together. Phil hesitated and told his son that he would handle things with Keanu all by himself.

Keanu secretly met with DCI Keeble to hand over dodgy car import documents, but the real news told her that Phil was back in town.

Later, Keeble was shown approaching Phil in an alley to warn him “the sharks are circling and they smell blood” now that he has returned to Walford.

eastenders, keanu, keeble


Keanu and Phil came face to face in the pub and it wasn’t long before blows fell, after Keanu brought up Dennis Rickman’s death a few years ago.

Sharon and Karen had to separate the two sides when Keanu was dragged out of the pub by his family. However, it was later revealed that this whole brawl was an elaborate ruse between Keanu and Phil.

“We had to make it look convincing, didn’t we?” snapped Keanu.

Keanu assured Phil that no one has any idea what they’re really up to – certainly not DCI Keeble.

eastenders, phil, keanu


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“She thinks the sharks are circling,” Phil explained. “What she doesn’t know is the sharks, they don’t circle for me.”

What brought Keanu and Phil together?

East Enders airs Monday – Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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