February 3, 2023

‘I knew he was going to get nervous, he ruined everything’: Emiliano Martinez MOCKT Aurelien Tchouameni on his World Cup final penalty miss, as the Argentina goalkeeper continues to taunt France after waving a dummy with Kylian Mbappe’s face on it

  • Emiliano Martinez was central to Argentina’s win at the World Cup in Qatar
  • He was excellent for them in penalties against France and the Netherlands
  • The Aston Villa star has been criticized for taunting French players after the final
  • Martinez said Aurelian Tchouameni “messed up” by missing his penalty

Emiliano Martinez has continued to taunt the French side after Argentina’s victory over them in the World Cup final as he claimed Aurelian Tchouameni ‘ruined everything’ by missing his penalty.

Martinez won the Golden Glove in Qatar after two excellent penalties against the Netherlands and France.

He has since celebrated his side’s victory with a number of pranks at the French side’s expense, including brandishing a doll with Kylian Mbappé’s face on it, leading some to call him “the most hated man in football”.

Emiliano Martinez has been criticized for his antics during and after the World Cup final

Emiliano Martinez has been criticized for his antics during and after the World Cup final

The goalkeeper said Aurelian Tchouameni

The goalkeeper said Aurelian Tchouameni “ruined everything” by missing his penalty kick

The Aston Villa star was still in a triumphant mood he addressed his hometown of Mar del Plata. On Tchouameni’s miss, which came after an earlier Kingsley Coman penalty was saved, he told them: ‘When I saved the first penalty in the final I knew the other boy was going to be very nervous.

“I tried to play him mentally by throwing the ball, talking to him… And he missed the mark, he ruined everything.”

Martinez was widely criticized for throwing the ball away before Tchouanemi’s penalty and celebrated the resulting miss with a dance, which he then repeated in front of his home crowd in Mar del Plata.

Martinez risked angering France fans more when he celebrated the missed penalty by dancing

The goalkeeper added that he

The goalkeeper added that he “played Tchouameni (pictured) mentally” during the shoot-out

Aside from mocking France, the goalkeeper also continued to express admiration for teammate Lionel Messi, adding, “My last dream as a goalkeeper was to give the best in the world the world title.”

He also spoke passionately about the motivation behind Argentina’s win, saying, “Every game we played, we said we played for the people. When the legs couldn’t give it, the heart always took a step forward.’

Martinez is expected to miss Aston Villa’s return to the Premier League on Sunday and it is not yet known when he will be back.

Despite his antics, the goalkeeper left the World Cup with a vastly improved reputation, and Unai Emery’s side are likely to take a keen interest in him.

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