January 27, 2023

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Arthur Thomas has emotionally come out as gay Emmerdale scene.

Last week, April was bothered by Arthur avoiding her because she had romantic feelings for her old boyfriend.

After being teased by Noah Dingle about his relationship with April, Arthur was seen crying at his father Ashley Thomas’ grave in a sad cliffhanger.

Monday’s episode explored why Arthur struggled so much with April’s crush as he tried not to spend time with her.

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The teen reacted angrily when she was teased by Jimmy in the cafe, later snapping at April when she said he was clearly avoiding her. He gets some support from Marcus who assured him he would be available to talk if Arthur needed anything.

Charles later found the boy again at Ashley’s grave, with Arthur asking what happens when you “don’t meet” your parent’s expectations.

“I never knew Ashley. You didn’t have to, to know that you do him credit,’ Charles assured him. “You are kind, considerate, sensitive. Any father would be proud of a son like you.’

Later, Nicola brought up Arthur’s recent struggles while the children were all playing. Bravely Arthur asked Nicola to continue the game of Hangman the children had been playing and he spelled out “I’m gay”.

A tearful Arthur threw herself into Nicola’s arms as she promised him it was all right and told him, “I’m so proud of you.”

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Arthur admitted that he fears he will be bullied like another gay student at the school and begged Nicola not to tell Laurel.

“I’m not ready,” he said.

Nicola promised she would keep his secret, but added: “It’s your life, but if Laurel were here right now, she’d wrap you in her arms and tell you to dry those tears… When you’re ready to go come out, if you need me to be there, just say the word.”

Little did they know that Elliot had walked back into the room and was secretly eavesdropping on their conversation.

Emmerdale, Nicholas, Arthur


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