February 4, 2023

  • The ETH number of addresses with more than 10 coins reached an ATH
  • The average coin age of ETH was slightly upside after a significant decline

If you have been watching Ethereum closely over the past two weeks, you may have noticed a lot of lateral price movements. While this reflects the current general state of the entire crypto market, ETH could experience some volatility this week.

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According to a recent Glassnode alert, the number of addresses with 10 or more ETH coins has increased to a new ATH. This means that the number of addresses with an amount of ETH over 10,000 was 343,918.

What does it mean for ETH?

An increase in these addresses confirmed several things about ETH. There was decent demand for the cryptocurrency at the press level and investors rallied for the token. One notable observation that could support this observation was the increase in active addresses in recent days.

ETH network growth and active addresses

Source: Sentiment

The observation matched the increase in addresses by more than 10 ETH. Around the same time, an increase in Ethereum network growth was also observed. Interestingly, the average coin age of ETH regained its upward trajectory after previously entering a downward trend.

ETH average coin age

Source: Sentiment

Perhaps this was confirmation that ETH investors were choosing to hold onto their ETH rather than take short-term profits. In addition, the derivatives market may shed some light on the current situation in terms of ETH demand.

Ethereum’s open interest in the derivatives market managed to surge significantly over the past five days. This confirmed that demand for derivatives was gradually recovering. In addition, this move could be seen as a sign of recurring price volatility.

ETH Estimated Leverage Ratio and Derivatives Open Interest

Source: CryptoQuant

It was also worth noting that ETH’s estimated leverage ratio increased over the same time. This was important because leverage is one of the reasons why the crypto market is so volatile. The return on leverage supports higher investor confidence.

A head full of expectations

ETH’s price action remained relatively unchanged despite the observed changes suggesting a gradual recovery of healthy demand. On Dec. 11, ETH was trading at $1,265, which was still within the same narrow range it’s been trading in since the beginning of the month.

ETH price action

Source: TradingView

Low volatility and a lack of strong demand were the dominant pillars of the market situation. But this was a temporary phase in the crypto market. However, it was clear that top addresses expected a bullish recovery.

This was a reasonable expectation given that prices were still heavily discounted. But investors should note that the possibility of a bearish shock was still very likely.

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