February 4, 2023

Whether you’re riding the three-wheeled Polaris Slingshot through the Garden of the Gods or through the suburbs to run errands – let it be known – you’re making a statement. A loud one.

Polaris’ 2023 Slingshot model year lineup unleashes an army of neon-painted three-wheeled cars, starting with the base model, the Slingshot S, followed by the Slingshot SL, Slingshot SLR, and Slingshot R. The Slingshot’s Appeal—Apart From Its Superhero -like look – is the synergy with the elements and the proximity to nature: pebbles flying just a few centimeters under the windshield, the smell of passing environments, such as the barbecue on the corner or the smell of engine smoke, and the uncovered road , just inches away from your body, suddenly an optical illusion at 70 mph. A sharp turn in the open-air cockpit is reminiscent of driving a go-kart or the feeling of inertia in a crashing roller coaster. It’s the closest thing to merging the riding experience of a motorcycle with the style of a sports car and the entertainment value of the Batmobile. Simply put, the Slingshot is fun.

With old-fashioned fun, the question of usability arises, but for Slingshot, usability is personalized. Each model is a starter canvas and can be customized to fit your lifestyle needs. If you’re among the 35% of consumers who have integrated the vehicle as their daily driver, Slingshot’s plethora of customizable add-ons and technology packs make the car fairly versatile.

The Slingshot invites impromptu weekend getaways and cross-country skiing in the heat of summer. Part of the magic is enjoying the Slingshot’s excess, queuing up your favorite playlist to drown out the streets in bass as you accelerate down the highway. With a passenger, the experience is all the more immersive. On the road, the vehicle draws attention as pedestrians wave and shout at you from afar. Driving through town, the roadster causes a stir and draws attention; winding back roads, that’s what most adventure seekers envision when they head for Burning Man or Coachella. You get behind the wheel of the Slingshot because you intend to feel the sun on your skin, hear nature play and experience what would otherwise be unattainable in a traditional cabin. The car next to you is of course watching, because the entertainment factor of the vehicle is contagious. If you’ve already owned one, you’re familiar with the camaraderie among Slingshot drivers and the pride of having traded in your beloved Prius for an erratic driving experience.

As a quick overview, the Slingshot roadster has an entry-level MSRP of $20,799 and is equipped with either manual or AutoDrive transmissions and a ProStar 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine. The 2023 lineup puts an emphasis on personalization as each line is packed with all-new colorways and a sleek, aerodynamic roll-out of standard accessories that can also be fitted to previous 2020 models. For the S and SL, the engine produces 178 hp at 8,500 rpm and 120 lb-ft of torque at 5500 rpm, while the SLR and R rev up to 203 hp at 8,250 rpm and 144 ft-lbs of torque at 6500 rpm. In the Slingshot, consumers can adapt familiar features to their riding needs.

For convenient personalization, Polaris segments its factory accessories into drive series: Escape (storage and travel-oriented optimization), Drive (experiential tech packages), Show (lights/audio), and Design (interior/exterior). For example, your chosen ride can be upgraded with heated and cooled seats, an excursion top or slingshade and armed with a premium Brembo® braking system if the mood suits. The XKGlow interior lighting kit raises the bar with glowing footwells, under seats, left and right hand fairings and center console LED lights – especially eye-catching at night. These features are whatever you make of them, and the 2023 lineup improves on both aesthetics and performance.

Behind the wheel of the Slingshot, the everyday becomes extraordinary and above all memorable. Ready for a much-needed adventure? Grab a helmet and strap in. Visit the Polaris website for a full listing of each model, specs, tech packages and Slingshot accessories.

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