February 3, 2023

Grant Shapps has launched an education campaign to advise people on how to make vital financial savings this winter – months after former Prime Minister Liz Truss blocked it.

The £18 million campaign, called It Adds Up, claims people can save £230 a year by implementing what it says is “simple measures”.

Radio and TV advertisements will be rolled out, while a dedicated Help for Households website will also be launched to encourage people to limit the use of their electrical appliances.

‘What? I unplugged that!”: Grant Shapps records energy conservation advice clip – video

The campaign kicked off with a video in which the energy secretary encourages people to save money by stopping drafts and turning down the boiler and fighting an annoying Elf on the Shelf.

The Clip of 65 secondsshared online on Saturday morning immediately sparked mockery on social media.

The launch of the campaign comes weeks after winter, with temperatures in the UK dropping below freezing, while energy bills have risen significantly.

Just two months ago, Truss chose to ignore the government’s climate advisers by opposing a winter energy-saving campaign.

The Climate Change Committee wrote as early as September to Truss, who would be forced to resign soon after, outlining the need for a “comprehensive energy advisory service” to reduce demand.

“Public awareness of what can be done to reduce energy use (in homes or businesses) is too low,” the advisors wrote.

“Specific advice on this could help in the short term by raising awareness of low-cost or zero-cost measures that can directly reduce wasted energy, such as lowering boiler supply temperatures and simply making it draught-free.

“Just lowering the boiler flow temperatures can reduce gas consumption by 6% to 8%.”

Clare Moriarty, the CEO of Citizens Advice, said: “This winter many people will be concerned about how much they would have to spend to heat their homes. These tips should help lower the cost of staying warm.

On Saturday, Shapps tweeted, “I’m doing my best to lower my energy bill and still stay warm. Unfortunately my Elf on the shelf has other ideas…”

In the video, Shapps says, “This winter there are a number of different things we can do to lower our bills and keep our homes warmer, such as turning off appliances on the wall, lowering the boiler supply temperature and using cheap draft protection. . It really all adds up.”

The minister’s attempt at acting includes a running fight with a nasty elf on a shelf. In the end, Shapps is seen throwing the doll out his front door.

The video was mocked on social media, with one person accusing Shapps of gaslighting the public, while others criticized the government for allowing energy companies to continue making profits amid the cost-of-living crisis.

What does the government advise and how much can you save?

  • By lowering the supply temperature of your combi boiler to 60C, you can save up to € 100 per year.

  • Turning down radiators in rooms you don’t use or use less can save you up to £70 a year.

  • Finding and repairing drafts can save you up to £60 a year.

  • Insulating your hot water boiler can save you up to €70 per year.

  • If you switch to energy-saving lamps, you can save up to € 55 per year.

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