January 26, 2023

Are dark materials stars Dafne Keen and Amir Wilson have revealed what items they stole from the set of the BBC fantasy series.

Dafne and Amir played Lyra and her best friend Will in the hit drama The one performance are to be discussed highly anticipated third season.

Speaking of their time on set, the actors made a shocking revelation that they competitively stole props during filming after being given some of the series’ more famous items.

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“Well, first of all, we both got the knife and the alethiometer,” Dafne explained. “But you know, we’re both very competitive people and we have a very jocular relationship.”

While they started stealing small items from a wartime bunker set, things soon escalated into larger items, with the two admitting that they ended up stealing sleeping bags and oil cans.

“We were in this set that was like a bunker, actually a war bunker for James McAvoy’s set, and there was a lot of war stuff,” she said. “And it started when I stole a screw and then Amir was like ‘oh, let me steal a bigger screw’, and then it became water bottles, sleeping bags, oil cans, cigarette cans, anything and everything in sight.

Dafne Enthusiastic As Lyra And Amir Wilson As Will In Its Dark Materials Season 2

Bad Wolf/Simon RidgwayBBC

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According to the young stars, producers eventually got involved and showed up at the actors’ trailers to question the origins of the items they littered.

“I was like ‘no, not from the set, it’s not me,'” the Lyra star joked. “We just walked onto the set and just swept everything in the bag,” laughed her co-star Amir.

Are dark materials third and final season based on Philip Pullman’s third book The amber viewer wraps up Lyra’s story and premieres in the UK on Sunday, December 18.

Are dark materials airs on BBC One in the UK and HBO in the U.S.

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