February 6, 2023

Holly oak spoilers follow from Tuesday’s (Dec. 6) first episode, which has yet to air on TV but is now available to watch on All 4.

Holly oak star Eva O’Hara has left the show after three years in the role of Verity Hutchinson.

Verity’s final scenes aired as she was killed in Tuesday’s premiere episode, streaming early on All 4 ahead of tonight’s TV broadcast.

Verity’s life was on the line after she was brutally attacked by an unknown perpetrator in yesterday’s shocking scenes.

Although Verity regained consciousness after the attack, the severity of her injuries soon became apparent as she stumbled into the village and collapsed in Tony’s arms.

While Verity was rushed to hospital, her boyfriend Shaq was unknowingly waiting for her at the gym – where he was planning to propose.

Eric joined Verity in the ambulance, where he begged her to come through and tearfully promised to be a better brother.

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Unfortunately, Eric’s worst fears came true when Verity went into cardiac arrest and the paramedics began resuscitating her.

Eric later delivered the devastating news to Verity’s loved ones that she had died in the ambulance.

As Shaq, Tony and Eric all recovered from the tragic turn of events, conversation quickly turned to what had happened and who might have been responsible.

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While the majority of the village, including Verity’s family, simply thought she had a fatal accident at Dee Valley Law, Goldie rightly suspected otherwise.

Goldie was still convinced something was wrong and wondered if Bobby could be responsible for Verity’s injuries – especially since she had asked her to build an official case against her cousin.

Mercedes was shocked by the suggestion, while John Paul was relieved to learn from James that the ‘accident’ happened during the nativity scene when Bobby is said to have performed.

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Verity’s death was ultimately ruled unsuspicious, but a flashback later revealed that Bobby was indeed responsible after all.

Eric’s own motive was cleared up when a scene showed him telling his forum to leave his sister alone.

The person who attacked Verity was then revealed to be Bobby, who retrieved the book from Silas but left his halo at the crime scene.

Eva has played Verity since January 2020. Check back here later to hear all about why she chose to leave the role now and what’s next for her.

Holly oak streams first on All 4, with new episodes airing every weekday morning. The show airs Monday to Friday at 6:30pm on Channel 4 and 7pm on E4.

Selected omnibus episodes are available at Amazon Prime video.

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