February 3, 2023

Since Dancing Leopard was founded, working with charities has always been a part of our story, and this year was no different. In 2022, we are so proud to have partnered with several incredible charities to raise awareness and donations to support their important work. We wanted to take the opportunity to put them in the spotlight once again.

In February we launched our Love Wildly campaign, coinciding with Valentine’s Day. This campaign featured three different original T-shirts, each supporting a different charity; Shelter, Choose Love and Railway Children. 100% of the profits made were donated to their charities. By partnering with three charities we were able to ‘share the love’ and take this opportunity to reach as many communities as possible.

About shelter

Shelter believes that everyone has the right to a safe home. They are campaigning to end the devastating effects of the housing crisis and have supported millions of people across the UK experiencing housing challenges and homelessness.

Shelter t-shirt, Dancing Leopard

About Choose Love

Choose Love is committed to providing refugees and displaced people with everything from life-saving lifeboats to food and legal advice. Their work has reached more than a million people and supported more than 250 fast-acting community organizations. Everything they do is driven by a vision of a world that chooses love and justice every day, for all.

About Railway Children

Railway Children’s mission is to protect the thousands of vulnerable children who run away or are forced to leave their homes made unbearable by poverty, violence and neglect. The charity works in the UK, India and East Africa, ensuring these children are safe and cared for as they try to reunite them with their families or find them a safe place to live.

Railway kids t-shirt, dancing leopard

Then, in March, we partnered with Women for Women International on our International Women’s Day campaign for the second year in a row. We created a unique organic cotton t-shirt with a line drawing of a woman, hand drawn by our talented print designer, and donated 100% of the profits to the charity’s Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme.

About Women for Women International

Women for Women International invests where inequality is greatest by helping forgotten women: the female survivors of war and conflict. Through Women for Women International’s Stronger Women, Stronger Nations program, women learn the skills they need to rebuild their families and communities. Since 1993, Women for Women has invested in the power of more than 519,700 women to use their voices and create a wave effect that makes the world more equal, peaceful and prosperous.

From fighting homelessness to supporting refugees and women in war-torn countries, each of these organizations plays such a fundamental role in society and we’re so glad we could help them make a difference. Since Dancing Leopard was founded, we have donated 1% of all profits we made to charity. Next year we hope to reach even more communities and continue to use our company for good.

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