Item of the week: the tie dye top

Item of the week: the tie dye top

What it is:

The term ‘tie-dye’ refers to a range of dyeing techniques that can be incorporated into a garment to achieve a dynamically dyed finish. The process can include folding, twisting and crumpling a fabric, before tying it with string and applying paint. The look was prominent in the 1970s as a style typically adopted by members of the hippie movement and rebellious youth, each seeking to take a stand against various social issues of the time. Since then, tie-dye has found its way into mainstream fashion, adopted by both fast fashion and high-end brands as a print garment.

Image: Ted Baker

Why you want it:

The current comeback of tie-dye can be attributed to the rise of DIY culture and homemade crafts, a counterpoint to pandemic restrictions that made people adapt to the situation by handcrafting their own products. The response from designers and brands to this has seen the tie-dye technique become a little more elevated, albeit still with a handcrafted effect that can closely match the casual style shoppers are looking for. While the method is often used by sportswear brands to spruce up various garments in the industry, the method has also been incorporated into everyday garments and premium designs, providing more scope to attract a wider audience.

Image: Madewell

Where we saw it:

One particularly popular tie-dye effect doing the rounds on SS23 lanes was that of ombre paint, which refers to mixing one shade with another. This was used by brands such as Peter Do and Ferragamo, both of which incorporated distinctly contrasting colors into their designs. Diesel also used the technique in everything from oversized jeans and tank tops to mini dresses. Meanwhile, Etudes and Bluemarble used tie-dye in more daring forms, with patchy prints that brought together a wider range of tones. Marcelo Burlon was one of the designers who showed a more classic side of tye-dye, especially for a long cape with a fossil-shaped print.

Image: United Legwear

How to style it:

Tie-dye items offer many opportunities to experiment, with different colors and shades offering the opportunity to explore different paired garments. This means shoppers can take a particular color from the print and match it with an item of a similar hue to simply and effectively complete an outfit. To further simplify a look, tie-dye products work well with denim pieces and items in standard block colors, such as black or white. These options provide a simple daytime look for the casual wearer. Take the style to the next level with materials like leather to spice up the design.

Image: Mama.licious

The tie-dye look is one that has returned to the forefront of fashion in an elevated way, with techniques like ombre making this typically handmade aesthetic more high-end. Once popular among sportswear, its presence on the SS23 catwalks has made it an eveningwear print of choice for seasons to come.

Image: 11 degrees

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