February 8, 2023

As expected, critics are currently raving about the visual effects of ‘The Way of Water’. Courtney Howard of Variety even called it a “compelling, awe-inspiring masterclass in world-building” in part because of its beautiful visuals. I mean, we could have seen this coming a mile away. Seriously, have you seen those water animations?

If you’re interested in more technical language, Reel Blend’s Kevin McCarthy has you covered. He called the sharp 48FPS and 3D technology “one of the most immersive [he’s] ever seen.”

If you can believe it, some say it’s an improvement over the original. Does this confirm that Cameron is the greatest sequel director of all time? Perhaps!

Of course, there’s apparently a lot to love about the movie beyond the visuals. Another constant in these early reactions is the richness of character building. After all, what good is stunning visuals if the characters we follow aren’t well developed?


Even those who were previously lukewarm to the first ‘Avatar’ all the way back in 2009 are singing the praises of ‘The Way of Water’.

However, if there’s one defining feeling from these early reviews, we should never bet against Jimmy C and his aspirations.

Even fellow filmmakers praise “The Way of Water,” with Guillermo del Toro among the first to tweet his thoughts on the “staggering performance” on Thanksgiving. Talk about legends supporting legends!

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