February 4, 2023

Kelly Wearstler has used natural stone to create a range of furniture and accessories for Grupo Arca. Called Nudo, the pieces have shapes inspired by ancient weaving techniques and see an otherwise solid material crafted into a soft-looking shape.

Wearstler has been a longtime friend of the Arca brand and often turns to them when selecting materials for her interior design projects. In the summer of this year, they contacted the designer to see if she would like to create her own collection using their stones – an opportunity she jumped at with both hands.

For Wearstler, the concept of duality guided the direction of the project. Due to the firmness and heaviness of the natural stone, the idea arose to create softness and sensuality with her design. The technology used to cut and shape the stone would allow for complex shapes, and as such she began looking at the shapes created by ancient knotting techniques.

“With these designs, I was very interested in exploring the possibility of creating a real softness through curvaceous shapes within the strength of marble,” she says. “The universal craft of weaving is rooted in ancient cultures from around the world and every piece in Nudo pays homage to that history”. In keeping with that global view, Wearstler selected stones from all different continents, such as Verde Tikal, Rainbow Onyx and Rosso Verona from Asia, and Fior di Bosco, Rojo Alicante and Rosa Valencia from Europe. “We selected the stones specifically for each shape, taking into account the color and movement of the marbles to ensure they show their full potential in each knotted shape,” she adds.

Benches, consoles, side tables, stools, bowls, bowls and vases all feature throughout the collection. Soft curves meet linear surfaces, but they all have a distinct sharpness to their shape. “Creatively, Arca gave me carte blanche, and since they have access to the world’s most advanced stone carving technology, as well as the most incredible craftsmen, we were able to bring really complex designs to life in a relatively short time. time frame. .”

The Nudo collection was presented at Arca’s headquarters on the occasion of the city-wide Design Miami festival that took place last week. Elsewhere in the city, A$AP Rocky debuted the first piece from his design studio Hommebrand, in the form of a giant Gufram cactus.

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