February 4, 2023

One of the largest free streaming services offering live and on-demand news is expanding its reach even further. VUit announced that it has entered into a carriage agreement with CBS to offer CBS FAST channels in cities across the United States on its service.

The agreement gives VUit carriage rights to the local CBS streaming channels, formerly called CBSN, produced by a number of CBS-owned stations, including the two largest U.S. Designated Market Areas (DMAs): New York and Los Angeles. Other markets include Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

In addition, VUit users now get access to three channels of entertainment and lifestyle content from CBS parent company Paramount. These channels include ‘Mixible’ formerly known as ‘ET Live’, ‘Inside Edition’ and CBS Media Ventures’ lifestyle network ‘Dabl’.

“From our continued expansion of local news streaming across the country to becoming a fresh and intriguing model for national content syndication, major media players are recognizing the strength and potential of what we have built,” said Jack Perry, CEO of Syncbak, the parent company of VUit. “In a world where streaming is becoming increasingly important, this deal is a win for everyone – for broadcasters looking to expand their revenue opportunities, for advertisers looking to reach audiences in hyper-local and hyper-targeted ways, and for viewers wanting access to content. in a flexible, easy way.”

VUit is a free video streaming service that provides on-demand access to content produced by more than 250 local TV news stations in the United States. Its partners include Lilly Broadcasting, Heritage Broadcasting and Gray Television.

“VUit is a product built around local news, and we are excited to add our 13 local streaming channels to broaden their coverage in the US,” said Sahand Sepehrnia, Senior Vice President, Streaming, CBS Stations. “We have a longstanding relationship with Syncbak and are excited to grow our partnership with Jack and his team.”

VUit is a great place for cord cutters to go when they need instant coverage of live news or breaking weather conditions, as the service offers live news from stations in cities across the country. In November 2021, the service entered into an agreement to add 71 stations to its service. VUit now offers more than 260 stations nationwide, covering nearly 80% of the country’s DMAs (167 markets).

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