February 3, 2023

The traitors spoilers follow.

The TraitorsMaddy Smedley has shared some clues that have given Wilfred Webster away as a traitor.

Maddy was the latest player to fall victim to the heated roundtable debate on last night’s episode (Dec. 21), and despite being a Faithful, was banned by her fellow contestants just a day before the final.

Though Wilf evaded roundtable attention and banishment again, Maddy had been hot on his heels the entire time.

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Speak against Subway on why she was so sure Wilf was a traitor, Maddy shared, “I had a few bullet points for Wilf. I thought, the way he reacted to Claire [Barratt] go away, he was a little too dramatic.”

The actress also explained that a certain snack he would eat just proved that he couldn’t be trusted. She said, “His snack bag was full of Peperami, so he needed more energy at night to kill people!”

Maddy’s final theory, which she pursued throughout the series, was that Aaron was also a traitor (he wasn’t) and had left the round table in a panic because Wilf betrayed him.

“I thought he caused Aaron to have a panic attack and I thought a traitor had taken on a traitor,” she said.

Wilf, the traitors

Paul ChappellsBBC

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Maddy added that after her banishment she still couldn’t rest easy because she couldn’t find out whether or not Wilf was a traitor.

“When I left, I wasn’t sure if any of my theories were right and I had changed my mind about Aaron, but even with Wilf and Meryl, I really didn’t know… I felt a little lost because I didn’t know,” she shared.

“It was like losing a court case if I was a lawyer or a police detective, I didn’t get the answers and that was really tragic and I went home to explain the show to the residents of the care home and they were even more confused .”

The traitors will be broadcast on BBC One and can be caught up via BBC iPlayer.

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