February 4, 2023

Valve’s own beloved sci-fi puzzle comedy Portal 2 has a 98% positive user rating on Steam (opens in new tab). A handful of indie hits like A Short Hike, The Case of the Golden Idol, TOEM and Frog Detective 3 go up to 99% positive. Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is about to join their number, with a rating of 98% positive trending up to 99% in the last 30 days (opens in new tab).

If you’ve never heard of Placid Plastic Duck Simulator, you’re not alone. Despite collecting more than 3,500 glowing articles (opens in new tab) on Steam, this game about watching ducks float hasn’t really caused much controversy. (I’m sorry.) That said, over 1000 people follow it on Twitch (opens in new tab)and a video from Irish streamer RTGame (opens in new tab) which he watches for 15 minutes while saying things like “Fuckin’ immersive gameplay” has over 764,000 views

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