Overwatch 2 players are not silent about Moira’s legendary mime skin

Overwatch 2 players are not silent about Moira’s legendary mime skin

Like many free-to-play live service games these days, Overwatch 2 loves its skins. Occasionally, however, Blizzard stumbles on their cosmetic offerings, as if they’ve tripped over an invisible dog. Players have taken to Twitter and Reddit to express their irritation at Moira’s rather uninspired new Legendary skin, based on the classic black and white look of mimes around the world. Like mimes themselves, it is not very popular.

Vid bud Liam really likes Overwatch 2, but doesn’t really think it’s a sequel.

Moira’s Legendary Mime Skin Bundle popped up on the Overwatch 2 store for 3200 coins earlier this week and soon became trapped in an invisible prison of his own making. Keep in mind that you need to pay just over £25 and just under $28 to buy the coins for this skin. The skin contains 1900 coins on its own (£17 / $20 for 2000 coins), but the bundle is currently on sale for 1700 coins until November 29. Given that coins come in batches of 500, 100 and 2000 (with an extra 200 for the latter), that’ll still cost you £17/$20 for something that’s not really much different from Moira’s regular Overwatch 2 skin.

Legendary skins are intended to drastically change their hero’s outfit, with modifications to their weapon model, colors and outfit. Some Overwatch 2 players have taken to the game’s subreddit to argue that Moira’s mime skin isn’t worthy of legendary status, as it’s just a very basic recoloration of the hero’s regular skin, with a beret and some face paint . Others argue that the skin isn’t as impressive as some epic skins that were free for the original Overwatch.

You can see the difference, or lack thereof, between Moira’s default Overwatch 2 skin and the mime skin below:

A comparison of Moira's regular skin and mime skin from Overwatch 2

I’m not your typical Overwatch player, if such a thing exists, but I really feel Moira’s new look. I think I’d use the skin if it were free, although I wouldn’t like to pay for it. You can even get a matching tug-of-war emote, just to be extra annoying.

I do understand why players are upset about the amount of effort it takes to make this when it is sold as a Legendary skin, when there have been Legendary skins in the past, like D.Va’s awesome Cruiser skin from the 1950’s. Moira’s even had her own Bowie-inspired Glam and Moon legendary skins before, both of which are much better than mimicking Moira. You can see that and more in Rebecca’s roundup of every hero skin in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 is a free download from Battle.net. What do you think of Moira’s new look and how much it costs?

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