February 4, 2023

A Sam’s mother knocked on neighbors’ doors calling an ambulance and waited with Keith for an hour before his son Phillip arrived.

Sam, who spent two years as a shop driver in nearby Queensferry, said: “I was delivering groceries to residents in the Garden City area when I pulled up in front of a customer’s house. When I got out of the van, heard someone honking a car horn.

“It went on and on and it was like a Morse code pattern. It just sounded like an SOS to me; something didn’t feel right.

“I was walking down the road to the house in the corner and I saw a gentleman lying in his driveway next to his car and he was half way in the car and honking.

“He had left his house and walked to his car and he had slipped on the tiles in his driveway. He had dragged himself down the driveway to his car, opened the door and started to strum his horn for attention.

“At the time he suspected he had broken his hip because he couldn’t move his legs. I asked if I could go into his house and make him a cup of tea, get him a blanket and some pillows.

“While it was raining and freezing, his neighbor got two big umbrellas to put over him.”

‘We talked about his life’

Sam also called the store to tell them what was going on and they sent another driver to pick up her deliveries so she could stay with Keith.

She added: “We just talked about his life; his late wife, railways and Land Rovers. All kinds of things to keep him busy, because he was in a lot of pain.

“I think he was glad I was there. He reminded me of my own grandfather and if it had been a relative in that situation I would have hoped someone would have helped them.”

Keith’s daughter-in-law Emma later reached out to personally thank Sam and say his hip was broken.

Emma said: “We can’t thank Sam enough for what she did. She is amazing. We are so glad she was there.

“She never left him at all. She reassured him and was so kind, caring and kind. She really went above and beyond her job.”

Home shopping manager Nicky Fitzgerald has nominated Sam for an Asda service superstar award.

She said: “It was just incredible to recognize the sound of the horn as a sign of distress. To take care of the lord all this time, Sam is all over.

“She’s just such a caring person. She went above and beyond for the gentleman that day. She even called the store so we could rearrange her deliveries so she could stay with the gentleman.”

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