January 27, 2023

Brazilian streetwear brand Piet, led by designer Pedro Andrade, has joined forces with iconic sunglasses label Oakley for a series of reimagined pieces from Oakley’s extensive archive.

The range coincides with Piet’s 10th anniversary, intertwining themes of nostalgia and the lasting influence Oakley has had on Brazil’s streetwear culture. While the collection as a whole nods to the past, the storyline and inspiration taps into the future. Andrade envisioned the year 2050 as the setting for his pieces, where a young Brazilian boy, fascinated by the world of Oakley, comes across his grandfather’s warehouse to find a box of Oakley items from the ’90s and 2000s. find. The screenplay connects past and future, with these archival pieces being given new life through the boy’s perspective.

Piet x Oakley consists of two lines: The Future and The Heritage. The Future line represents new Oakley appreciators and the designs emphasize the brand’s innovative achievements, composed of pieces from the past. They are then reinterpreted by Piet for a more deconstructed style. The Heritage line and its pieces reflect Oakley products and details from the past—skull motifs, the brand’s metal icon, and “Thermonuclear Protection” themes.

Collectively, the range consists of 20 pieces from the Oakley archives and reworked by Piet and Andrade. Some iconic items include the Flak 1.0 boot, Eye Jacket Redux and Frogskins goggles. Some will also get a sense of nostalgia at the sight of the Kitchen Sink backpack and a reissue of Oakley’s classic cardigan. All items reflect the three decades of streetwear culture in Brazil, of which Oakley was a big part.

Finally, for the capsule’s campaign, Brazilian art director Hick Duarte looked to the country’s music and streetwear scene to showcase this momentous collaboration. Artists such as Kyan, Tasha, Fleezus and Derek, along with renowned creatives Nenê Raridades and collector Yasmin Careca find their way into the editorial office to pose in dance moves or on a motorcycle.

“Throughout the creative process of this collaboration, I have been in constant consultation with collectors and Oakley enthusiasts because I wanted to access the deeper layers of this harmony between our culture and Oakley, and to do so I needed more visions, not just my own ,” Piet owner and creative director Pedro Andrade said of the collection.

The collection was officially launched on December 1 at the Guadalupe Store in Brazil’s Bom Retiro neighborhood. Pieces from the range are also for sale on the websites of Piet and Oakley.

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