Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have new powerful moves

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have new powerful moves

A Fuecoco is crystallized into a candlestick.

Screenshot: Nintendo

Pokémon Scarlet And purple are the second open-world games in the pokemon series, but the premise remains the same: raise terrifying creatures and gobble them up on both the enemy AI and your online friends. While getting my ass kicked by wild Pokémon that are 20 levels above mine, I’ve noticed they use a lot of new moves. Most of them are slightly polished versions of older attacks, or the basic types are different.

I’ve excluded five attacks from the list because they are “Torque” attacks, which are special moves that can only be used by special bosses. The rest of the new moves can be learned by Pokémon obtained in the game. Most are the signature moves of Paldea-exclusive Pokémon, but not all (Thanks, Serebii!).

Tera blast — A basic move for Terastallized Pokémon, using its Tera type. Also uses the attack or special attack depending on the higher stat.

Silk fall — A Bug-like version of Protect that also reduces speed on contact. (Spidops)

Ax shovel — A weaker High Jump Kick that can confuse the opponent. (Medicham, Lilligant, Lokix)

Last regards — A Ghost-type move that deals more damage if more Pokémon in your party have fainted. (Dog Stone)

Lumina crash — A weaker Psychic, but lowers the opponent’s special defense by two whole levels. Terrifying. (Espathra)

Order up – A Dragon-type attack that also increases the user’s stat depending on what type of Tatsugiri is also on the field. (Dondozo)

Jet punch — It’s a more powerful Aqua Jet. (Palaph)

Spicy extract — Grass-type Screech, but with the disadvantage of greatly increasing the opponent’s attack stats. Honestly, just use a Pokémon with Screech. (scovillain)

Turn off — A hefty, damaging move of the Steel type that also lowers your Pokémon’s speed. But hey, Steel types wouldn’t win marathons anyway. (Varoom, Revavroom)

Population bomb — Fury Attack, except the Pokémon can hit from one to ten times. So this attack is either really disappointing or horribly powerful. (Tandemaus, Maushold)

Ice Spinner — This Ice-type attack deals quite a bit of damage and removes terrain like Grassy Terrain. Nice. (Cetoddle, Cetitan)

Glaive Rush — A devastating Dragon-type attack that also causes your opponent’s next attack to automatically strike and deal double the damage. This means attacking each Pokémon, and not just your latest victim. So expect a ton of retaliatory damage if you spam this. (Baxcalibur)

Revival blessing — Revives and heals a fainted Pokémon with half health. It is a only free Revive item, because it comes with exactly one power outlet. (Rabska, Pawmot)

Salt cure — A ground-type attack that deals extra damage every turn in addition to some modest base damage. Water and steel types take more damage, which is nonsense since you know this move was specific to Lechonk. (Naclstack, Garganacl)

Triple dive — Fixed damage, and hits three times in a row. A solid Water-type attack to break substitutes. Too bad it’s the signature move of the weirdest-looking Pokémon in the entire generation. (Wug Trio)

Deadly spin — For years players have been haunted by the horrible combination of Wrap, Leech Seed and Bind. Mortal Spin removes all those and poisons the opponent. (Glimmora)

drawing — Changes both the user’s ability and the ally’s ability to that of their opponent. (Grafalai)

Fillet away — A normal-type Quiver Dance that increases both attack stats and speed, except the user sacrifices HP for the gain. (Veluza)

Kowtow Cleave – Man, just call it dogeza, because it’s a samurai Pokémon’s signature move. This poorly localized move is slightly more powerful than False Surrender, but it’s pretty much the same: Dark-type, and deals decent damage. (Kingambit)

Flower trick – Assuming you can land critical hits (unblocked by Lucky Chant), this Grass-type attack deals a lot of damage. Maybe I should have chosen the weed cat! (Meow scarada)

Torch song — Doesn’t matter, I’m happy with my choice of starter. This fire-type attack increases the special attack stat every time it hits. (Skele edge)

Aqua Step — A Water-type move that also increases speed. (quaquaval)

Raging bull — Brick Break for Tauros. The base type is Normal, but can also be Fighting, Fire, or Water if you have one of those fancy version-exclusive races. (Taurus)

Let it Rain – The crazy guys at Game Freak wondered, “What if Pay Day was Steel type and dealt 120 base damage?” Make It Rain is the result. Use responsibly. (Gholdengo)

ruin — A Dark-type attack that halves HP, such as Super Fang. (Ting-Lu, Chien-Pao, Wo-Chien, Chi-Yu)

Collision course — This Fighting-type move deals extra damage when it’s a super-effective hit. (Koraidon)

Electro drift – Same as above, but electric type. (Miradon)

Shed tail — Creates a substitute before shutting down. (Orthworm, Cyclist)

Cold reception — Tells a joke so bad that a blizzard erupts and the user is forced to exchange with another party member. In short, imagine what is happening at any given moment Ari Notis would tell a joke in the Kotaku Slim channel. (to slow down)

Tidy — Removes entry hazards such as Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock. It also increases attack and speed. (Maushold)

Snow landscape — Snowstorm is a new weather effect that increases Ice-type defenses for five turns without the nasty chip damage. (Snorunt, Glaceon, Froslass, Cubchoo, Frosmoth, etc…)

pounce — A Bug-type attack that also reduces speed. (Venonat, Pineco, etc.)

Pioneering — A grass-type move that also increases speed. Think Flame Charge, but with Grass Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB). (Toedscool, Smoliv, Bramblin)

Cooling water — Deals some Water-type damage and lowers the attack. (Jigglypuff, Vezula, Wiglett)

Hyper drill — A Normal-type attack that pierces Protect and Detect. (Dunsparce, Dudunsparce)

Twin Ray — A Psychic-type attack that hits twice in a row. Great for breaking substitutes. (Giraffe, Farigiraffe)

Anger fist — Increases attack power by the number of times the user is hit. Ghost type. (great monkey)

Armor gun — A powerful fire-type attack that lowers both defense stats. It’s close combat. (Armarogue)

Bitter knife — A fire-type attack that heals half the damage dealt. However, look at the taste text: “The user directs his bitter feelings towards the world of the living.” That’s so cool, who cares. (Ceruledge)

Double shock — A powerful Electric-type move that also removes the user’s electric typing afterwards. Note that this does not turn a Pokémon into Normal type. If used by a pure Electric type (via Copycat or some other method), it will be typeless after that. (Pawmot)

Gigaton Hammer — An immensely powerful Steel-type move that cannot be used consecutively, (Tinkaton)

Reproof — Doubles the damage dealt in the same turn. This is just Counter, but of the Dark type. This move was probably created so that players could actually use the effect against Ghost-type Pokémon, which are immune to Counter. (Hondour, Honchkrow, Mabosstiff)

Aqua Cutter — A Water-type move that can crit more easily. Similar to Psycho Cut and Leaf Blade. (Gallade, Quaxly, Veluza)

I’m actually a little disappointed that most of these moves are exclusive to one Pokémon or line of evolution! To be honest, it’s been nine whole generations, the series doesn’t need as much balance as it once did. Most of these new moves provide new counters to the existing meta so they are competitive pokemon will feel fresh.

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