February 3, 2023

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.

Jack Cornfield

Pursuing your inner calling leads to greater impact for others.

As the year 2022 draws to a close, this new year sets in motion the focus on pursuing one’s inner calling. Everyone has a purpose, visions and goals; but not everyone dares to take radical steps towards self-development. We may tend to procrastinate and be driven by society and the fears that surround us – drifting us away from understanding who we really are and nurturing our DNA’s inner calling.

The BAV TAILOR “Artisanal Lab” platform aims to showcase the fine craftsmanship of global artisans and promote creative talent. This season we present Maha, an artisan who is part of @studiokunukku – a design studio based in Beirut, Lebanon, that aims to tell stories of displaced communities through lost and endangered crafts.

Founded in 2020 by Sarah Hayes, an American anthropologist with a focus on migration, cultural heritage and identities. Studio Kunukku wants to use block printing as a medium for social change and transformation. For this ongoing collaboration, exquisite hand-embroidered stitching is presented in a limited edition capsule collection of perfect gift accessories, including the Shakti Bliss scarf, Suci Bliss tie and Shanti Bliss Obi belt, delicately embroidered by the talented Maha. Born in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Syria in 1967, Maha learned to embroider at a young age at school. In 2012, she fled to Lebanon because of the war in Syria. Maha is a mother of six and uses embroidery as an expression of her identity and as a means of living and supporting her family. She works independently as well as teaches Palestinian embroidery and practices block printing at Studio Kunukku. For this project, Mala was given the freedom to sew a symbol that reflected her mood of the moment. Along with Bav’s brand mandala symbols and doves of peace representing ‘Ananda Alai – Waves of Bliss’, Maha intertwined sublime ‘butterflies’, a representation of her current state of being – transformation and freedom. Despite Maha’s challenges to this project of ill health, and sometimes no electricity or light to guide her, she was able to create intricate and sophisticated masterpieces that reflect her great talent, passion and dedication to this collaboration, where BAV TAiLOR is truly humbled. and proud of. honored for.


BAV TAILOR is a holistic luxury metasphere to educate and inspire individuals to live responsibly, observe best practice sustainability models and discover paths to one’s self-awareness.

Delve into the stories of our conscious luxury products, ethically produced by lightworkers with the 100% Made in Italy authenticity hallmark, as well as our Artisanal Lab capsule collaborations that strive to support global artisans known for their unique local craft. The DNA of the brand includes a “360° conscious manifesto” arising from the low-waste digital design process, innovative materials, an ethical and transparent supply chain, social contributions to inner ecology teachings that allow one to connect with their inner purpose.

BAV TAILOR is a hymn to the beauty of our world. Through the mantra ‘respect your body + your vibe’, the brand encourages holistic living and love for our mind, body and atman – the soul.

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