February 5, 2023

Started as a semblance of a dream of 2 sisters, SAINT E World has evolved into a global luxury brand on its own path of innovation, motivating itself to break tradition and rules in fashion, steering their brand into an alternative yet exciting future in clothes.

SAINT E was founded in 2017 to bring luxury clothing ideas to life and give everyone the freedom to wear whatever they want without thinking. Because we believe that you cannot realize yourself with hesitations, generally accepted criticism or any kind of unpleasant emotions.

We’ve always had the same idea from the beginning; Break the common fashion rules and set our own standards. After a long research period, we found the highest quality materials and used the best methods to shape them. Our modern, progressive designs are designed with ingenuity.

Inspired by our environment, SAINT E World creates clothing influenced by an abundance of culture and symbolism that derives from it, enticing those with a desire to learn to discover clothing in a new light. Our minimalist designs invite you to discover the subtle yet intricate details, thought process and stories behind each piece. Through our modern and progressive designs, we have incorporated the influences of the modern world into our garments, emulating a sense of fearlessness when worn in everyday life and embracing individuality and unity.

Our fabrics are sourced with care and we search the world for both luxurious and unique fabrics, giving each piece of our collection a signature style that the wearer is curious about. We want the wearer to feel that our pieces are made with great attention to detail in the tailoring and that there is a story behind every SAINT E World collection that is intriguing and captivating. Luxurious fabrics are sourced from all over the world, delicate, light and transparent textiles contrast with the ultra-soft leather and wool to create stunning shapes, with fluidity. The divergence in purpose, fabrics and designs are themes in collections, encouraging the curious mind to search for clues and seek the motivation behind each garment.

Photo: SAINT E, courtesy of the brand

Women, men and genderless pieces are motivated by the future, space and openness of mind. They include elegantly tailored coats, jackets and coats, trousers and jumpsuits that incorporate both formal and casual elements, and form-fitting bodysuits and dresses that showcase beautiful silhouettes.

SAINT E World is constantly evolving and intends to grow with the world, never staying in the past, through our attitude, designs and inspirations. With thriving designs and a thriving philosophy, Saint E World will continue to produce unique yet contemporary pieces that intrigue the curious.

Basically, we believe that in life we ​​have a responsibility to constantly ask questions, be curious and explore the unknown, be it life itself. Every life is a story in itself. You can only write your story once. So forget regrets, leave doubts, feel free. You have all the guts to do what you want to do. We are always here to put together the best outfit for you.

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