January 26, 2023

For fans of lego, ASMR style YouTube builds, absolutely tiny microcontrollers and LED screens, Christmas sure has come early. We are in awe of these amazing little Lego microcontroller OLED sockets (opens in new tab) built by James “Ancient” Brown since we first saw them, but details have always been on the short side. We know these nostalgia-filled bricks can perform Doom (opens in new tab), but when it comes to details on exactly how they were made, we didn’t have much information to go on. Until now.

Hackaday (opens in new tab) recently shared a new YouTube video from Ancient (opens in new tab) that gives a wonderful in-depth insight into the process. The video is 12 and a half minutes of maker-style ASMR bliss as you take a step-by-step look at the process of making one of these functional terminals. This means there’s no talking, but lots of fun close-up sounds of things being made. Ancient warns that the video has been edited from a few different builds and shortened in places, but it’s still the most comprehensive look we’ve had of this process. And it is wonderfully enchanting.

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