January 30, 2023

Through Chris Williams: Shakur Stevenson could make his debut at 135 in March or April against former United Lightweight Champion George Kambosos Jr.

Shakur has been complaining about Pitbull Cruz and William Zepeda 24/7, after rejecting him for a fight for over a month. Stevenson has overdramatized the fact that Pitbull and Zepeda will not fight him.

It was fine the first time Shakur mentioned it, but he won’t let go. It’s almost like listening to an old person who can’t accept the bad decisions they made in their childhood.

You would think Stevenson would have moved on mentally by now and not dwell on the past.

It’s not a good sign that Shakur is still hammering away at the two big fish that got away. He should be bigger than this and move on if there is no interest.

“I should be back in March, probably even April. It could be Kambosos because Pitbull rejected meand [William] Zepeda turned me down. I know from the rankings that Kambosos is next, so I think it’s going to be a Kambosos fight,” Shakur Stevenson told Fight Hub TV.

“I think the fans and everybody allow them to duck. I don’t think anyone really got over it like if I did something like that or Devin or anyone else in the sport.

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‘I think Kambosos has nothing to lose. I think he will be the first to enter the fight. He is tough; he didn’t mind fighting Teo, he didn’t mind fighting Devin, so I don’t think he’d shy away from a challenge.”

If Stevenson wants to get fighters like Cruz and Zepeda to fight him, he has to become a superstar where those guys will make a lot of money fighting him.

The way to do that is for Shakur to become a more fun fighter and take risks on offense. Unfortunately, Stevenson has that ugly “pull-back” style of fighting, which he constantly pulls back to avoid getting hit. That’s boring to watch.

Undefeated Stevenson (19-0, 9 KOs) says he believes Kambosos Jr (20-2, 10 KOs) will agree to the fight because he currently has “nothing to lose” after being defeated in back-to-back -back fights against Devin Haney in 2022.

Shakur, 25, was visibly upset last Saturday night as he talked about how his attempts to get fights against the top-rated lightweight contenders Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz and William Zepeda were unsuccessful.

Both fighters showed no interest in taking on former two-division world champion Stevenson, leaving him in the position where he turned to his third option, Kambosos.

Stevenson’s defensive fighting style would make it difficult for Pitbull Cruz and Zepeda as they are offensive oriented fighters who put a lot of pressure to win fights.

If Shakur can take the fight to Kambosos, it’s still an excellent fight, as the former three-cushion champion is famous in his native Australia and the United States.

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