January 27, 2023

Nicola Roberts shared why she was “slow” to pick up the dance routine Strictly come dance2022’s Christmas special.

The Girls Aloud singer will waltz onto the dance floor with her professional partner Giovanni Pernice on Christmas Day, although she admits the workout was harder than she expected and that she “beat herself up” about it.

“My process is quite slow,” she told the Daily mailbefore explaining why her time in Girls Aloud contributes to this.

“When you’re in a band you have weeks to perfect a two-hour show, so some songs you pick up quickly. [and] numbers that might take a few weeks to really sink in.

“And that’s my process. That’s how I’ve learned over the years.”

nicola roberts, christmas comes strictly dancing


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Nicola continued: “Of course with Strict, you don’t have the luxury of having time. It wasn’t until the fourth session that I felt we were in a good space.”

“Before that, I kind of beat myself up and didn’t understand the routine, didn’t understand the technicals, and the position is still not there every time,” she added.

“And it’s a lot to think about, so it went very quickly, but I like to be professional and I like to do a good job, and I had a great time!”

Nicola Roberts, Giovanni Pernice, Come Strictly Dancing Christmas Special 2022


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Giovanni also chimed in, stating that Nicola is ultimately a “good dancer”.

“She’s really good. She picked it up slowly, but given her background I can see she’s a good dancer,” he said. “We do the waltz and we went for quality, and there is a lot of quality there.”

Strictly come dance returns on Christmas Day (25 December) on BBC One, as a spin-off show Strictly speaking, it takes two will be broadcast on BBC Two weeknights next year. Both shows are also streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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