February 8, 2023

As Abu Dhabi continues its mission to diversify its cultural offerings, art galleries, institutions and museums play an important role in its expansion. Unveiled earlier this year by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi and the city’s premier experience creator Miral, the emerging art space – team Lab Phenomena Abu Dhabi — offers a new interactive art experience created by international art collective teamLab.

Located in the city’s Saadiyat cultural district – which already houses the Louvre Abu Dhabi and soon to be the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi – the venue is an additional innovative cultural development of the island. With construction completed in 2024, the 17,000 m² building will provide an immersive, multi-sensory experience with the aim of fostering “infinite curiosity”.

Based on the Tokyo-based collective’s innovative concept of ‘Environmental Phenomena’, the immersive space was designed by teamLab Architects. Both inwardly and outwardly, the in-house architects designed a structure that envelops the experience rather than forcibly compressing it inward.

Visiting the teamLab studios in Tokyo to experience the prototypes for themselves, as seen in the video above, DCT Abu Dhabi President HE Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak says: “Sitting at the intersection of art, technology, nature and high-tech fantasy , team Lab Phenomena Abu Dhabi will offer a world of boundless wonder and creativity.” He explains the impact of this institution on the Emirate and continues: “Our leadership has always said that impossible is just a concept. We are not afraid to dream and push boundaries to better connect with each other. We are committed to creating cultural experiences and telling our stories, similarities and differences because we believe in the diversity of our artistic expressions.”

The space offers a new take on art exhibitions and showcases a range of teamLab artworks through interactive installations. To stimulate visitors’ imaginations, the experience will evolve endlessly, making it unique to each person based on the concept of ‘environmental phenomena’. About the upcoming launch Toshiyuki Inoko, founder of teamLab, explains: “At teamLab Phenomena, visitors are immersed in a world that changes and evolves organically through the participation and actions of the people in it, and it is precisely this physical experience that can make us feel increase value.”

For more information about the upcoming team Lab Phenomena Abu Dhabi check out the official website.

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