February 4, 2023

Katsuhiro “don’t ask me for shit” Harada picked on (opens in new tab) a smashing reveal of Tekken 8 (opens in new tab) at The Game Awards and that man delivered. It may only have lasted 83 seconds, but we got a good look at some emerging characters and the return of a certain favorite for their first major canonical appearance in 27 years.

Tekken 8 takes a hard look at the ongoing tumultuous relationship between Jin and his father Kazuya and the havoc wrought by the clash between Kazama and Mishima’s bloodlines. We are greeted by a very gruff-looking Paul who has either run out of hairspray or has finally grown his hair too long, with a beard flopping over his forehead. The trailer also offers very brief glimpses of a frighteningly veiny, buffer than ever before, along with King, Lars, and Jack-8.

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