January 28, 2023

Through Jim Calvin: An angry Teofimo Lopez Sr sent a message to WBC light welterweight champion Regis Prograis on Wednesday that his son, Teo, “beat the shit out of him” in April.

Teofimo Sr was surprised to learn that Prograis (28-1, 24 KOs) did not mention his son’s name when speaking to Jose Ramirez on social media on Tuesday.

When Ramirez refused to take the fight, Prograis expressed interest in a rematch with WBO champion Josh Taylor, who has a rematch with Jack Catterall in early 2023.

Interestingly, the man who wants to fight Teofimo next is Ramirez, who repeatedly said that he would kill him or Arnold Barboza Jr. want to meet next.

Prograis feels Teofimo would be no match for him after seeing his poor performance against Sandor Martin on December 10.

The logical reason why Prograis didn’t name Teofimo, other than he looked bad against Martin, was probably because it’s common knowledge that Top Rank is positioning him to challenge for the WBO title against the winner of Taylor vs. Martin. Catterall II.

Teofimo is ranked #1 by the WBO, making him the likely choice to challenge the Taylor-Catterall II winner.

“We want him, and we want him in AprilTeofimo Lopez’s father told ESNEWS about wanting Regis Prograis in April. “He’s got no other fight, mate. He wants a big fight.

“If you listen to the interview with [Jose] Ramirez. What did Ramirez say? “Teofimo Lopez isn’t going to take that damn money.” What did Prograis say? “I want to fight Josh Taylor again.”

“He never mentioned my son. Brother, be realistic. Josh Taylor is not giving you another chance. Have you gone crazy? He now has his own mess.

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“So the more realistic fight and big fight is Teofimo Lopez. So how on earth are you going to come here to talk to Josh Taylor if Ramirez is already telling you about Teofimo Lopez? We’re coming after his ass.

“I don’t hate that man [Prograis]. That guy is a really nice guy. I like him. I’ve met him before. This is boxing, so he must rise to the challenge. My son is easy prey for Regis. So come get it.

“Everyone is talking about that. My son can’t possibly beat Prograis. The same shit that happened [Richard] Commey and the same shit that happened to Loma.

“I’m going to make all these motherfuckers eat their words, and you know who I’m talking about. You son of a bitch talking shit about my son, and then they have to eat their goddamn words.

“We have done it twice before. We can do it three times easily, because my son won’t lose to an asshole who comes to fight. No way. My son is gifted, brother. Prograis doesn’t move like my son. You know that.

We’re going to beat him up. We’re going to beat him in every round. We’re not going in there for the knockout. We go in to scare the hell out of him, and that’s what these guys are afraid of.

“They are afraid of boxers. I’m not going to tell my son to go in there so as not to knock anyone out because I never tell my son that. I say, ‘When it comes, let’s go get it.’

“I don’t put that pressure on him. I’m very happy now; I’m in a good place. We won, and I want to tell everyone, we won motherfuckers,” Teofimo Sr. said of Teo’s controversial 10-round split decision about Sandra Martin.

“Now we are getting our minimums back. Big money. They have to go to the toilet and mess up. They are so angry, and I love it. Tell Prograis we’re here for his a**.

“I like him as a person, but when it comes to boxing, you’re in the wrong place, man. We’re coming to get you a**, and that’s going to be his second loss,” said Teofimo Lopez Sr.

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