The Callisto Protocol reveals that the season pass will add new death animations

The Callisto Protocol reveals that the season pass will add new death animations

In an era where games struggle to find new and innovative ways to make money, the season pass rules. So it’s no surprise that The Callisto Protocol is getting its own season pass.

First reported by the folks at VGC, the season pass information was discovered after it was added to The Callisto Protocol’s Steam page.

The Season Pass is available to anyone who purchases the Digital Deluxe version of the game and includes Story DLC, the Contagion Bundle, the Riot Bundle, and the Outer Way Skin Collection.

The Contagion Bundle is an all-new game mode for The Callisto Protocol that’s not for the faint hearted. This mode has less ammo and health drops, and permadeath will be something. So there is no room for error in this mode, intended for the toughest gamers. In addition to the new mode, there will also be 13 brand new death animations for protagonist Jacob.

At first I was concerned about the new death animations, with concerns that my experience with The Callisto Protocol won’t quite be the gorefest I’d like. That being said, Glen Schofield ramped up Twitter to allay this concern as I was far from the only one concerned about it. “To be clear, we are not holding anything back from the main season pass game,” Schofield shares.

“We haven’t even started this content yet. It’s all new things that we’ll be working on in the new year. Fans have been asking for EVEN MORE deaths, so we’re making it a priority next year.”

So the Callisto protocol is being sent as intended, with all new season pass content still in the works. This means no one will miss any cool details or finishers when the game launches, and I’m glad to hear that.

In addition to the new skin collection and Contagion bundle, the season pass also introduces the Riot bundle. This will take you to an unseen area of ​​the Black Iron Prison and you will have to face hordes of enemies. You need to earn credits to upgrade your equipment and survive as long as possible in this new game mode. In addition, the Riot bundle includes 12 new death animations and the Engineer skin collection.

It looks like those looking to get more out of the Callisto protocol are in for a treat. Two new game modes, dozens of new death animations and further story DLC are sure to keep everyone busy, especially during the Christmas season.

If you can’t get enough of The Callisto Protocol as is, check out our chat with the developer about all of its “murder desserts,” as well as our preview of the title, where we tell you all about how the game is more primarily interested in making you pointless to frighten.

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