February 3, 2023

Welcome to Day 11 of the RPS Advent Calendar! We’re going to have a great time: singing songs by the fire, kayaking in the lake, and certainly none of the camp counselors will be brutally murdered by monsters!

If you go to The Quarry today, you’re in for a big surprise.

I’ve never been to a summer camp and I don’t regret it at The Quarry

Alice At: I was a huge fan of the Supermassive original “like a 00s horror movie, but a game!” game until Dawn, and The Quarry is really headed that way again. A bunch of camp counselors spend one last night at Hackett’s Quarry before the end of summer, but it turns out they’re not alone. There are some weird blood-covered hicks prowling the woods, not to mention some literal claw monsters. If you want to see a bunch of teens kiss awkwardly before screaming and losing limbs for 10 hours, this is the game for you.

Of course, you’re supposed to avoid the limb-losing aspect with your choices: run left or right, grab this weapon or not, things like that. Your QTE wins and decisions really pile up at runtime. Thing is, a lot of the deaths are such pretty over-the-top gore-fests that I wasn’t even mad. But I particularly enjoyed The Quarry for some of the more subtle changes. It plays on teen horror tropes in fun ways, and sometimes actually winning a QTE is just the wrong thing to do. It’s a great popcorn party of a good time, but it’s also smart.

The Quarry is an interactive horror from developers Supermassive Games.

Rebecca: I’m still in awe of how The Quarry was kept completely secret until just three months before release. Supermassive Games isn’t known for being coy about their upcoming projects; In fact, they’re known for always announcing the next entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology with a trailer embedded in last year’s game, giving audiences 12 months or more to build hype. In addition, details of the development of the anthology are often prone to leakage. So how on earth could we not hear about the fact that they were working on a sequel to Until Dawn starring David Arquette, Ted Raimi, Lin Shaye and a dozen others with a similar profile until the game was practically out?

Each member of The Quarry’s 15-member main cast is either a legend of the horror movie or an up-and-coming bright young thing in Hollywood, and you must bequeath the casting director who managed to score so many coups. If you’ve watched TV for the past decade or so, you’ll spend the first few chapters exclaiming “hey, it’s -!” again and again.

The Quarry is rightfully praised for its range of accessibility options, as well as being welcoming to players unfamiliar with the genre. Supermassive is known for throwing a ton of Quick Time Events at you, some of which are quite punishing; but The Quarry cuts that straight down. Aside from navigation controls, you may only need to press two buttons during the entire game. For those of us well-practiced in the art of QTEs by now, succeeding in every QTE in The Quarry isn’t really a challenge.

The Quarry is the next interactive horror experience from Supermassive Games.

It’s WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette! Hi David! (he’s actually not in the game that often)

However, that’s not to say that playing The Quarry is easy. I’m good at these games, and I still boned the finale badly enough the first time around that two of my favorite characters suffered an extremely anticlimactic death. Understanding how your choices in Chapter 5 affect your options in Chapter 10 is the sort of thing that’s essential to keeping characters alive, and it’s that intricate branching story design rather than those “Press X not to die” moments that make I replay these games over and over again and time again.

But if you want to see The Quarry as a miniseries and skip the part where you take responsibility for the outcomes, that option is there too. The game includes a movie mode that makes it autoplay as you settle in with the popcorn, and the quality of the cast makes it worth stepping back from the action to give your full attention to the story to spend. . It’s essentially a goofy 80s creature, but everyone gives it their all and seems to be having a lot of fun.

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