February 3, 2023

The traitors spoilers follow.

With the final one day away, The traitors continued tonight (December 21) with more treachery, banishment and murder.

After the group successfully took out a second traitor last night, Wilf was given the option to forge a new alliance. Faced with the ultimatum to become a traitor or be killed, Faithful Kieran chose to join him.

“Getting killed is not an option for me,” he told Wilf before accepting his new role in the game.

With Kieran officially a traitor, the pair decided to pick their next target and kill the popular contestant Andrea.

andrea, the traitors


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With dwindling numbers, the remaining contestants grew increasingly suspicious of each other, pointing fingers as the group traveled back from the penultimate challenge.

Maddy repeated the conversation she overheard earlier, telling Kieran and Aaron that the rest of the group planned to vote for one of them. “I think we got the short end of the stick in this car, I’m not gonna lie. They all said you two. Will and Meryl said that,” she told the couple.

The revelation caused Kieran to become wary of his new alliance with Wilf – with his suspicion driving a wedge between the pair.

maddy, the traitors


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This led to a tense roundtable discussion, with the group ultimately choosing to banish Maddy from the group.

She revealed she was a Faithful, saying “I learned so much about hope and believing in yourself and people are more important than money – I guess. I’m a Faithful.”

When the group was told by Claudia that they had made it to the finals, the excitement turned to plans for one contestant, while Wilf devised a strategy for how to walk away with the prize money.

“If I turn on him on purpose, it’s just awful. Could I betray him? I don’t think I could. I’m in two minds, really,” he said.

The traitors will be broadcast on BBC One and can be caught up via BBC iPlayer.

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