January 26, 2023

This year’s Game Awards had a few surprises that could only have come from a live event⁠—Chris Judge did absolutely nothing wrong (opens in new tab) and gave it from the belly, and a teenager snuck up on stage and grabbed the mic (opens in new tab) at the end of the night to say something inscrutable from Discord. A third figure has emerged from the melting pot of December 8, 2022: Pedro Eustache, a world-class flautist who left it all on the pitch during The Game Awards musical medley honoring Game of the Year nominees.

While The Game Awards Orchestra did their thing, the cameramen capturing a live feed of the event couldn’t help but pause at Eustache, who was extremely lively and animated as he played. Eustache also showed remarkable virtuosity in his performance, switching instruments several times during the medley.

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