Todd Grimshaw’s faces in Coronation Street raise suspicions about Sean and Laurence’s plot

Todd Grimshaw’s faces in Coronation Street raise suspicions about Sean and Laurence’s plot

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Todd Grimshaw Fasley is accused of having an affair Coronation Street scenes.

The drama begins with Sean Tully and Laurence Reeves still broken up after that phone snooping incident, and the former Dylan’s teenage son confides that Sean won’t give him a moment’s rest since his father’s breakup, much to his chagrin.

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Later, Todd urges Sean not to give up on Laurence completely, but Sean decides to leave a inflammatory message on his ex’s phone anyway.

A drunk Laurence soon turns up at The Rovers, tells Todd about the voice note and admits he really loves Sean.

When Todd helps the shaky Laurence into the back of a taxi, his mother Eileen happens to pass them and jumps to the wrong conclusions.

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Although Sean is in no mood to believe him, Todd keeps trying to explain that he was just making sure Laurence got home safely.

Laurence approaches Sean in the hopes that they can work it out together, but when the latter claims he has been unfaithful to Todd, Laurence’s jaw drops.

However, barmaid Daisy Midgeley informs Sean that Todd is actually telling the truth, which makes him think he really screwed up with Laurence again.

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Elsewhere on the soap this week saw young Sam Blakeman finally come face to face with serial killer Harvey Gaskell.

While it seems that Sam has struck a chord with Harvey’s tough looks, it seems that the criminal has plans that could cause Sam’s father Nick even more trouble.

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