January 26, 2023

Jocelyn Claire Reed has warned about the changes her body went through when she transitioned (Picture: Jocelyn Claire Reed/ SWNS)

A trans woman says she had “morning sickness” after starting on estrogen, but that “it was worth it” because of her incredible transformation.

Jocelyn Claire Reed, 23, was born male but started doing makeup and dressing in women’s clothes at 18 to “express herself.”

After two years, Jocelyn made the decision to transition from male to female – and started hormone replacement therapy last October.

But Jocelyn — hitherto known as Joseph — said an unexpected effect of the hormones was nausea in the morning.

Doctors explained that the reason she was sick several times a day was a combination of the testosterone blockers and estrogen, which made her body think she was pregnant.

Jocelyn, from Crosby, Liverpool, said: ‘It was during the lockdown when I decided to start my transition – I realized there was no point in waiting.

‘My family fully supported me and so did my partner at the time. I was very lucky – even though I was nervous.

“When I started hormones there were a lot of challenges – I definitely had a hard time adjusting because I kept getting sick.

Jocelyn said she suffered from ‘morning sickness’ after starting hormone treatment (Picture: Ian Reed/ SWNS)

Jocelyn Claire Reed (left) before her transformation (Picture: Ian Reed/ SWNS)

Every morning Jocelyn would wake up with a migraine (Picture: Ian Reed/ SWNS)

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“I really panicked at first because I thought something was going wrong with my treatment for reacting like that.”

In October last year, she received her first testosterone-blocking injection and began administering an estrogen spray three times a day.

But after a few days, Jocelyn found herself constantly sick – and she feared the treatment wasn’t working.

She was ‘constantly nauseous’ – and called her gender specialist in a panic.

Jocelyn said: ‘They told me that the combination of hormones was basically fooling my body into thinking it was pregnant.

“So what I was experiencing was basically morning sickness.

“It went away after a few weeks, but it was really strange.

“There are changes you expect with hormones — like weight gain, your skin changing, your body hair thinning, heightened emotions — but other things they don’t really tell you.”

The acne was caused by the hormone injections (Photo: Jocelyn Claire Reed/ SWNS)

She was left with severe acne due to the hormones (Picture: Jocelyn Claire Reed/ SWNS)

She also went through laser hair removal treatment (Picture: Jocelyn Claire Reed/ SWNS)

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Fortunately, the illness went away after a few weeks and she started noticing some of those other physical changes starting to occur.

Jocelyn said her family was very understanding and supportive.

She said, “My parents said they weren’t surprised at all.

“They told me an early memory of me when I was two, in an airport, throwing a tantrum because they wouldn’t buy me a Barbie doll.”

Jocelyn now plans to undergo breast augmentation and sex reassignment surgery in the next few years.

While she said this will be the last step for her, she said she has accepted who she is — and is “confident and happy” with where she is now.

Jocelyn has integrated herself into an online community of other trans women who support each other’s journeys.

She’s even developed a huge social media following — over 350,000 followers on TikTok — to share her journey with.

Jocelyn said: ‘When I first accepted that I was transgender I was quite shocked.

“But when I look back on it, I think I always subconsciously knew it.

“I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m happy with where I am now.”

“The only thing I regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.”

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