January 27, 2023

Caroline Duddridge, 63, has her family dine out for their celebratory meal (Picture: Facebook)

Relatives of Caroline Duddridge, 63, have to eat out for their celebratory meal (Image: Facebook)

A grandmother has decided to charge her family for Christmas dinner to cover the costs.

We’ve already seen mind-blowing price tags on party food, like a turkey in Morrisons costing £147.

A Tory minister has even suggested that Britons iron old wrapping paper so they can save money this Christmas.

Caroline Duddridge, 63, has now come up with yet another hack to keep costs down over the holiday season.

She charged her two sons £15, her three daughters £10, her four grandchildren a diver and her two three-year-old grandchildren £2.50.

The 63-year-old has been labeled a “bit of a Scrooge” by some, but others have praised her smart thinking.

About £90 of her final total goes to meat, which she doesn’t even eat herself.

The 63-year-old told BBC 5 Live: ‘If you don’t pay by December 1, you won’t come.

“Of course there were some moans and grumbles that I have a few kids, but in the end that’s not my problem, is it?”

Caroline, from Cardiff, decided to make her sons pay more as they work full-time, while her daughters work part-time – while also raising families.

The teaching assistant explained that the cost of living and rising energy costs were another reason she asked her family to pay.

She added, “Why should the host bear the entire financial burden?

Caroline Duddridge, 63, has now come up with yet another hack to keep costs down over the holiday season.

Caroline said her kids are all fine (Picture: Facebook)

‘It’s very fair. I’m not out to make a profit, I’m just doing it to help a little bit with the cost of it.”

Caroline also explained to WalesOnline why she first started charging her family for their Christmas party in 2016.

She told the outlet, “On the surface it sounds like ‘oh my god how could she do that?’ But it started when my husband died just before Christmas 2015.

“My income was cut in half and I lost my job, so I told my kids to contribute to all the food.”

However, Caroline’s Christmas costs pale in comparison to families elsewhere.

In 2018, Mumsnet user Staceyjas said her mother-in-law tried to charge her family £17 per person for Christmas dinner.

She wrote: ‘She wants £17 a head from him!

“I’m going to lunch with my family, so I invited him too, but he’s also had it there all his life with his grandparents and siblings.

“I see it from both sides and it’s hard work and can be expensive, but not like she’s financially destitute.”

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