February 7, 2023

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Christmas Day will take place against a background of ‘unstable’ weather with high winds and frequent rain expected.

The Met Office has released their latest festive forecast, revealing where snow might lie.

North West Scotland is the only region to guarantee a White Christmas, an occasion defined as a single snowflake falling anywhere in the UK on December 25.

The rest of the country should brace for a little snow from Boxing Day onwards, as an arctic explosion rips through Europe.

However, on Christmas Day, which falls on a Sunday, the majority of Britons enjoy the calm before the storm.

It’s going to be a cloudy and wet Christmas for much of the UK, with wintry showers and high winds in north west Scotland.

While those further south won’t be immune to the occasional shower, the driest weather conditions are expected in central and eastern parts of England.

David Oliver, the Met Office’s deputy chief meteorologist, said: ‘For many, a restless Christmas weekend is coming, with those in the north and west seeing the most frequent and heaviest showers.

December 25 will be 'unstable' weather with only one region promising a white Christmas

A white Christmas is out of the question for much of the UK (Picture: Met Office)

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 16: The sun rises over frost-covered houses on December 16, 2022 in London, England.  Sub-zero temperatures continue in the UK this week.  In many parts of the country, snow and ice have prevented travel.  (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

The rest of the country will see ‘unstable’ conditions (Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Strong winds will affect some coasts with localized storms all weekend, especially in the north and west.

‘Christmas Day will be unsettled for many, with the most frequent showers in the northern half of the UK and some more sporadic and mostly lighter showers further south.

“There is some uncertainty about the timing of colder air from the north west, but it looks like this will introduce some snow showers to the north west of Scotland late on Christmas Day.”

Stephen Basterfield, National Network Manager at National Highways, said: ‘Even light or moderate rain can affect visibility and vehicle performance, so it’s important to adjust your driving and take extra care.

It is therefore always important to plan your trip in advance. This advice is especially important during the winter season when weather conditions are traditionally more adverse.

“We’ve dedicated a section of our website to traveling in the rain as part of our guide to traveling in severe weather.

“It’s also a good idea for people to check their vehicles, such as tires, coolant and oil levels, before heading out to reduce the risk of a breakdown.”

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